Ideas for how to design on a dime?


Looking for more great ideas! Budget less than $100

*Keeping the bedding - found this at TJ Max

*keeping the curtain rod - just hung up and want to hide our cheap fold down shades

*keeping the room paint color - I wanted the grey (planned for it to be a little darker but once we painted it too tired/lazy to do it again)

*Keeping picture on the wall

*MUST keep husbands sleep apnea machine next to bed And easy to reach (but it’s an eye sore)

I have a bolt of fabric meant for covering chairs that I was thinking to use for curtains but not sure if too dark for room. (See pictures)

I love everyone’s ideas and keep visiting Goodwill for some ‘repurposing’. Please send more ideas of how to make this Master Bedroom more beautiful on a $100 budget.


I have decided this

q design on a dime

Sleep apnea machine - eye sore. Any ideas??

Also plan to change lamp shade covers - white and round?? HELP!!

q design on a dime

Window over bed makes hanging a long curtain a problem as it hits up to second bed (twin bed must stay)

q design on a dime
q design on a dime

Bolt of fabric - was thinking for decorative large pillow cases and for curtains.

i can sew straight stitches and zig zag stitch’s

Does anyone recommend or have a better idea?

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