How should I decorate a small bedroom?

Open door and on left is small closet and small chest of drawers, then you turn and your directly accross from door with the only window and thats where I want my bed to go, then next wall is blank, and tiny bit of wall on right side of door is also blank. Would like some kind of desk, if room a chair to read, lots of cute storage, and diy wal art. Any ideas??
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  • Z Z on Jun 05, 2014
    Photos of your room would help Ambie. You can also search bedrooms here on Hometalk.
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    • Z Z on Jun 06, 2014
      @Thank you Ambiecraftsreads. His flight was delayed because of needed repairs so he won't be home until mid afternoon, so it's going to be a short weekend before he heads back out. :^(
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 06, 2014
    Small rooms are a challenge. Everything functional and small pieces are a must. Also, think "UP"! Plywood boxes can be attached high enough "up" the wall to be out of the way, yet reachable. Painted same color as walls they are less obtrusive but give 2 shelves. Unique corner shelves out of the way are adorable. Pull out storage on casters under bed work great for toys, books, skateboard, etc. A shelf all the way across the wall where the window is located is fantastic for things like stuffed toys and books...out of season items like gloves, hats, etc. in baskets!