How do I begin to repaint m cupboards?


I want a coastal look throughout my house with shades of the blues. teals. greens. my flooring would need to change too. Also I have nice big windows but not sure what to do with drapes or blinds. Continue with a coasta aqua or more of a neutral color? Kind of hard to tell from pic, just beige curtains now.

Thanks for helping to answer these questions!


q how do i begin to repaint m cupboards
q how do i begin to repaint m cupboards
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  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Aug 04, 2018

    Have you thought about using matchstick roll up blinds and/or curtains made from unbleached drop cloths? That would keep the costal theme going for window coverings without overwhelming on the blues and teens etc.

  • Lisa Lisa on Aug 04, 2018

    If you are painting your walls the colors you mentioned I would keep the curtains very simple. Crisp white, airy light sheers. We did this in a relatives home by the water. If there is a need for privacy, blinds under the curtains is great. The curtains billow in the breezes when the windows are open mimicking gentle waves.

  • Karen Ardillo Karen Ardillo on Aug 04, 2018

    Main pieces I suggest neutral, get your color from accent pieces. Consider bamboo shade for the window, eliminate formal drapes/curtains.

  • Jeannie wallace Jeannie wallace on Aug 04, 2018

    I've noticed with most coastal themed homes that the floors are generally a light golden shade of the natural wood look. Also there are usually natural wood blinds or neutral shades for the drapes. You could still incorporate the coastal tones with the hardware on which you hang your drapes or just use the tones for your drapes. It's really a matter of what you prefer and how you think it suits the feel of your home. Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Aug 04, 2018

    I think painting the cabinets would help a lot. At the top left of this page is our project search box. Type in Painting Kitchen Cabinets and sit down with a fresh cuppa and read lots of great advice and instructions for the most efficient and effective way.

    I would lighten the living room wall and bring the blue to the curtains. A faux-linen is a perfect coastal fabric. Depending on what kind of blinds they are, paint a complementary blue stripe towards the bottom.

    I’d get a light colored throw for the back of the “heavy” leather chair. Or if you’re very handy, make an interesting striped fabric cover for the cushion. Or find a pillow you like and take some of the stuffing out of it so it’s not only cheerful but comfortable, and doesn’t end up on the floor.

    I’d get cheerful cushions for the oak dining chairs.

  • Delle Delle on Aug 04, 2018

    Looks like you need some lighter color. I'm personally tired of seeing nothing but white in kitchens, but that's just me. You might try a coastal blue in much lighter tones than the wall. or go for gray tones in a distressed or antique finish, and do something very different with the backsplash. Maybe a stainless look tile to draw in the appliances. Tin ceiling tile looks fabulous on a backsplash and really modernizes it in a retro sort of way. And if you're getting rid of the brown tones in the cabinet, also look at a flooring in the grayer tones.

  • Claude Claude on Aug 04, 2018

    Kitchen cupboards or what looks to be your living room? Beach styles seem to be minimalist. Shutters, or a frame the fits inside the window that can be covered simply with fabric. It just sits there. And it looks surprising cool. The frame is the bottom half only of the window, leaving the top open.

  • Oliva Oliva on Aug 04, 2018

    Your window coverings could be a sand shade, or bright white, depending upon the look you want and how much light enters the room. Select draperies with sheers for privacy and ease of maintenance, or cellular blinds with both up and down capabilities (since you have typical "over/under style windows). Mini blinds or vertical blinds if total privacy is not an issue, and you don't mind cleaning them, regularly.

    Your color choices will dictate colors for cabinetry, walls, etc., so start by gathering paint chips for your preferences. Hang them on the walls/cabinets, and see what they look like in early/mid A.M, mid afternoon, and evening lighting. You can always purchase sample amounts to try out before committing to gallons of paint you may dislike.

    If flooring is a darker color, it will show more dust/lint. Lighter floor colors could resemble a beach. Use coastal accent pieces in more vivid colors, if you prefer.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Aug 04, 2018

    Regarding your cupboards, starting by cleaning and priming. I've found that once they are primered white, you can get a feel for which color you want for the cabinets

  • Debi Debi on Aug 04, 2018

    All of these are such great ideas, thank you all so much! It always helps to have others opinions as it can be overwhelming trying to make those decisions!

    I dont really care for the "heavy" brown leather recliner, maybe a more lighter one at some point.

    I'll have to post before & after when I decide, may be awhile!

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