Asked on Aug 5, 2018

How to design a prayer/craft room in my unfinished basement?

JaniceMichelle Leslie


This is where I can make things for people in need and help encourage others when going through a hard time. I also can pray and meditate. I’ll need a section for donated items ( children clothing, school supplies, personal hygiene etc.) as well to help struggling families. I’m on disability and I work with churches in my community to provide to those in need

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  • Michelle Leslie
    Michelle Leslie
    on Aug 5, 2018

    You sound like such an amazing person. Perhaps this article will give you some ideas -

  • Janice
    on Aug 6, 2018

    I suggest getting some drafting paper to draw out the size of your room, using each square on the paper as a certain size such as 1 square equals 1 foot. Measure and mark where your openings are so they are in the mix so you can decide best where shelves for storing the donated items would best fit. You can also measure common items such as sofas, chairs, tables, etc. and use the same squares to create the furniture so you can move it around on the paper to get the design of the room functioning how you'd like it to be. Hopefully you can get some assistance with your plans and maybe some of the people needing help will be able to help with the project so they feel buy-in to your project . So nice of you to be doing this. Take good care!

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