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Hello: The interior renovation of this 4 unit building is almost done. Looking for ideas on how to upgrade the exterior on a low budget. The City is willing to give us the lot on the side if we have an idea for its use. Thank you.

q exterior renovation low budget

Front and side lot

q exterior renovation low budget


q exterior renovation low budget

Rear View/Parking Lot

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  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 05, 2018

    If the building is for habitation and the lot next to the building is yours, fence it in (no chain link) grass it and add an area for BBQing and such. You can put in a parking area near the building if there is none except for the street in front of the building. The parking area can be fenced off from the grassed in area. Add privacy with plants and tall hedge trees in the grassed in area. For the front if there is room to make porch areas or a long separated veranda I would do that and add some landscaping. This will make the building look less like an industrial warehouse. Add shutters to the second floor windows to coincide with the first floor. Shutters will soften the look too.

  • Lynn Lynn on Aug 05, 2018

    A new paint treatment would be the most economical way to go, and would really boost this property's curb appeal. If this were my project, I would paint all of the brick facade in a light neutral color (pale taupe, khaki or even a very light sage), then treat all of the exterior trim work (windows and door frames) to a mid-tone to dark-tone version of that same color. You could paint the doors to match the windows, but to give the building a bit more personality and "presence" I'd select a more lively (but not gaudy!) contrasting accent color for the doors. To play up this building's unusual architecture, you could paint the fascia the same accent color as the doors -- or simply paint them to match the color used on the brick if you want a more understated look. Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

  • Jerry L. Hanson Jerry L. Hanson on Aug 06, 2018

    Hedge in or use nice fencing around the side lot and move the parking there. Remove the paving next to and behind the building and create garden space with access for each of the units, which makes the space tenant friendly and gives more privacy than using the side lot for garden space. And landscape!

  • Mary Mary on Aug 06, 2018

    I definitely think paint is your friend here. Whitewash or German Smear the brick and choose a color for window trim and doors. If you're bold, even a different (coordinating) color for each apartment's windows and doors. Shutters would also help. At the end of the building, whether you use the lot or not, a tall trellis with flowers or a vine would help add interest. I also keep thinking that flat roof and first-story awning thing needs something. Eventually I think I'd build separate little roofs over each door, but maybe for now add some pickets or scrollwork to the front or top of that platform above the doors? The side lot is a gem if you can put a pretty privacy fence around it and little by little add shrubs and perennials and outdoor furniture for your tenants. Good luck!

  • Yvonne Yvonne on Aug 06, 2018

    White wash the brick, and then paint the doors and shutters a soft beige, then put up white curtains in all the rooms, place a few matching outdoor teal chairs in front of the out side windows on the ground floor

  • Kee22706449 Kee22706449 on Aug 06, 2018

    The Japanese have a lovely way of taking small spaces and making them into walkthrough gardens and art installations for peaceful harmony and well-being. Depending on the location, native plants,, and grasses might be beneficial.

  • V Smith V Smith on Aug 06, 2018

    Fence it in for the safety of any children or pets that might use the area. Chain link is probably the least expensive and most durable. Aside from that green it up with trees and shrubs keeping everything as low maintenance as possible. Since these are rental units I wouldn't add any devices or recreational equipment that could open you up for a law suit should it be misused. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

  • Ann22040963 Ann22040963 on Aug 06, 2018

    window boxes would add a lot of appeal also pick fun door colors different for each door. the lot would make a great community garden, sitting and barbeque area where residents can socialize and have a small veggie plot.

  • Deb C Deb C on Aug 07, 2018

    For side lot use it as a flower/ veggie garden with a water feature or multiple birdbaths. White picket fence would give it a welcoming homey appeal. Paint the brick and add shutters with window boxes. Use different colors for the doors even if it is going to be used for residential or commercial spaces.

  • StewartHemmings StewartHemmings on Mar 11, 2021

    How much did you spend on the entire renovation?

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