How do I take down aspestos Sheetrock ?

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  • Here in Australia asbestos has to be removed and disposed of by specialist removers because of the dangers of asbestos inhalation.

  • You don't. It needs to be removed professionally. Requires permits and haz mat crews. Air needs to be tested after removal. Extremely dangerous - do not attempt yourself. The health risks are far too great, plus you would be contaminating an entire neighborhood as it requires special handling.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Aug 07, 2018

    Removing it can be a real problem, it's not just taking it down but disposing of it too. Both require special care and expense. I would suggest that you get 1/4 inch sheetrock and cover it over. If it's been painted, that should seal the asbestos in.

    • Rlw5890247 Rlw5890247 on Aug 08, 2018

      Can’t do that there’s mold behind it. It rained inside our house due to a bad contractor

  • Candace Candace on Aug 08, 2018

    In most jurisdictions you have to have it professionally removed as it has to be specially removed and disposed of. Asbestos is a clinically proven carcinogen. Please do not attempt! Any disruption of the material( including screwing new board over top) will make it airborne...meaning you’re putting putting everyone living in your home at serious risk.

    professional removal is expensive because it’s high risk and so dangerous. As long as it’s not disturbed, and remains sealed, it’s not as risky. Hope that helps in making a decision! Good luck😊

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