How to build a shelf?

I want to make the shelf that hangs from the pipe with hooks. How does it sit level without tipping or swinging.

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Aug 10, 2018

    Do you have a picture of the type of shelf you want to build? I am having trouble picturing it.

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    • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Aug 11, 2018

      I would secure the shelves with “L” brackets. As for the expansion issue, I’ve had galvanized pipe for closet rods over 20 years attached by flanges to the wall. They have never expanded and my son used to do chin ups on them so I wouldn’t be concerned about it breaking as long as you use the real material, not fake.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Aug 10, 2018

    Very common Bad idea:

    I. Firstly: ever the pipe breaks, it ruins your stuff.

    II. Secondly, shelf weight concentrated on the pipes more prone to breakage, [see I]

    III. Most people who so do, regret this later because heat from the pipes dries out the wood.

    However, if you must...

    You always Mount any shelf to the studs in the wall, at least Two Studs.

    Hence why most shelves have the bottom-most shelf 1 inch from from the base: that is where the Bottom screws go.

    If you want pipes going through the shelf, [rather than shelf going through the pipes] cut the holes for the pipes first with the hole saw, and then the rest of the U shapes out appropriately with a coping saw, then glue the top of the U back onto the back of the shelf after you mount the shelf onto the studs and place each pipe in the U.


    This does not place any added stress on those pipes, and allows the pipes to expand with heat in the winter.

    If you properly cut your two U in a manner of a simple jointing, where: they fit in a V-joint only one way, you need not permanently glue those but instead insert them into the V, so that it is easier to take off the shelf per necessity per cleansing or painting.



  • 99 Pallets 99 Pallets on Jun 17, 2019

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