23 DIY Wall Clocks That'll Transform Your Whole Room

It's TIME to change up your wall decor! See what we did there? :)

By Hometalk Hits

Pottery Barn Inspired

It's big, it's huge, it's a pottery barn inspired DIY Farmhouse clock!

Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Get the industrial look with this classic wall clock made from copper pipes!

Glam Marbled Wall Clock

You'll need a little paint and a lot of imagination for this one!

Time to make a giant clock from a tabletop!

Here's how to to upcycle that old tabletop into a farmhouse clock

Pallet Wood Wall Clock

Pallets never looked so good!

Computer Hard Drive Clock

Upcycle an old hard drive for a beautiful clock.

The Globe Clock

This awesome globe clock will have everyone talking!

Vinyl Record To Country Wall Clock

Rock 'n Roll Record To Country Cottage Clock

Chrysanthemum Clock From Plastic Spoons

This giant chrysanthemum wall clock will bring the sunshine inside!

West Elm Inspired Clock

This clean, classic, West Elm inspired clock will have your company ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Modern Paint Block Clock

This one is bright and cheerful and will brighten up any room!

Vintage Parcheesi Game Board Clock

It's game o'clock with this Parcheesi game board clock everyone will love.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Clock

Rustic, check. Farmhouse, check. It's time to grab some barn wood and make this reclaimed wood clock!

Boho Wall Clock

Your old simple wall clock can go from oh no! to Boho!

Repurposed Dart Board Clock

Guests will love this dart board clock. Just don't try for a bulls-eye!

Garden Lover's Clock

Another table-top-to-clock upcycle for the garden lover!

Wood Slice Clock

Rustic, charming and right on time to be your next DIY!

Infinity Mirror Clock

Upcycle an old clock into an infinity mirror clock for a modern, futuristic look.

Antique Map Clock

This one is perfect to give as a gift to that special someone who has memories from a far away place...

Unique Clocks

Frame your favorite photos for these creative wall clocks.