How can I update Paneling without removing?


I have dark paneling that is in good shape. Is there anyway to update without removing the paneling?

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  • Gail O'Brien Gail O'Brien on Aug 13, 2018

    Paint it white with chalk paint. It will make your whole room look huge and bright!

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Aug 13, 2018

    i have seen examples of painting it. it would not change the physical appearance of the panel but would make the room brighter.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Aug 13, 2018

    if it is luan then you can paper over it, or just panel over it with a new style.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 13, 2018

    Painting it in a lighter color would be your best bet to brighten up the room and change the look of the room. The decorating possibilities will be endless when you lighten up the paneling color.

  • Mary Mary on Aug 14, 2018

    We had someone come in and texture over our dark paneling and then paint it and you can't tell it was ever paneling. It looks great!

  • DIC12110537 DIC12110537 on Aug 14, 2018

    Paint over it with Kilz then the color of your choice or maybe put up chair molding/trim to break up the darkness

  • Valerie jones Valerie jones on Aug 14, 2018

    I painted my paneling maybe 20 yrs ago. It was dark, so I primed w/kilz. Let me back up— this was way before I knew anything abt chalk paint. My paneling had a shiny, poly coating🤮. So I had to sand it. The entire den. All the walls. Then 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint. Cream colored. It did lighten up the room, but I just hated the paneling and it was still very obvious it was paneling. If I had to do over I’d def use chalk paint because that sanding sucked! Better yet, the person that had texture sprayed on and painted sounds like a good idea.

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