Can I Paint a Steel Exterior Door?


I have a steel exterior door that is a bit "ugly" on the inside of the house and was wondering can I paint it? Both sides, the outside and inside part? If so what type of paint do I use?

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  • Mamabear318 Mamabear318 on Aug 18, 2018

    Yes you can paint it. If it is factory primed, you should be able to use latex paint. I would use a cabinet and door paint for its durability

  • Betty Betty on Aug 18, 2018

    Hi I painted my steel door in my kitchen. .I bought paint and primer in one. .it was a gray color. .it did take two coats because I wanted it white. .it turned out good. .I wanted to be able to wipe dirt off of it also. .I got home depot paint. .sure you can find it other places. .hope this helps. .

    • Talisa Talisa on Aug 18, 2018

      Thank you! Yes mine is white but hard to get stains off of and is not a good white color..yes that is very important, being able to wipe dirt off of..yes it does, thank you again.

  • Tere Tere on Aug 18, 2018

    Yes you can! If it has never been painted before you would do best by painting a single layer of oil based paint as a primer on both sides. It will give your regular interior and exterior paint something to adhere to. If it has been painted before you can simply give it a good cleaning & thoroughly dry it before painting. Use 2 coats of paint on each side. A layer of flat interior paint, let dry completely then a layer of interior semigloss. Do the same for the exterior side but just use exterior flat and exterior semigloss.

    • Talisa Talisa on Aug 18, 2018

      Okay that sounds good, thank you. Do you suggest a certain type of cleaner to prep the surface with before? Okay I'm going to try that for both sides.

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Jun 16, 2021

    Use a paint designed for exterior use, such as an exterior satin or semi-gloss paint. It is best to apply a minimum of two coats to ensure a consistent finish that will last. Make sure each coat is completely dry before adding another.

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