My nonstick pot is not as nonstick?


I have a small set of nonstick pots I’ve had close to 10 years. I never hear them higher than 375* and that’s with food in them. One piece has been my favorite egg pan but it’s starting to stick a little. I used to own circulon years ago and my husband would use the spray oil on them. It builds up in the tiny grooves. I had to take them outside, pour a layer of ammonia and let soak. A toothbrush, several repeats of the ammonia disks and lots of elbow grease and I got the funk out and they were nonstick again. Ugh!!!

i haven’t tried the ammonia and soft brush on this one pan yet. There is a slight brownish cast in the middle if you turn the pan in the light just so. I’m not sure if it’s teflon. It’s certainly not the same stuff from 50 years ago. The brand is Ecolution, they otherwise all look like new. Thanks.

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