17 Anthropologie Inspired Decor Ideas for Less

Get the expensive designer look with these 17 DIY decor ideas

By Kara Wurtzel

The secret ingredient here? Command hooks!

This Anthro-inspired mirror is so awesome, you won't be able to tell the original from the inspiration!

Grab some paint and get crafty for this idea

(Stacy Davis) This Anthropologie inspired picture frame will leave your friends guessing!

Anthropologie inspired watershed curtain tie

Grab a new mop -- but don't use it to wash the floors just yet!

A gorgeous Anthro-inspired tray you'll love

Decoupage plus lotsa love = this awesome knock off tray

Get your creative decor genius on

This stunning Anthropologie inspired cake plate is too cute!

So perfect, Anthropologie should hire her

Dare we say it? These look better than the original!

These salt and pepper snow globes? Too cute!

How'd she get those in there?? These Anthro-inspired ahakers will have everyone talking!

Heavy duty rope makes these awesome shelves!

Hang your favorite keepsakes on these Anthropologie inspired shelves

Anthro inspired monograms will make you smile

This Hometalker answered our Anthropologie challenge with this awesome knock-off

This Hometalker just saved you $150!!

Grab some yarn and a simple basket to get this classy knock-off

Paint a tray and get this look for less

Anthropologie, we have new design for you!

Serving dishes for your next party

This Anthro-inspired serving platters will make your guests jealous

A knock-off that'll knock your socks off!

This Anthro-inspired hoop mirror is a dead wringer for the original

DIY Anthropologie starburst mirror

Grab some knitting needles from Granny to get this awesome look

Take a walk on the beach to get driftwood!

This Anthropologie inspired tealight is exactly what your living room needs

We love these adorable Anthro look-alikes!

Succulents + Anthrologie inspired mini-pots = LOVE

Hack an Anthropologie trinket dish

When you're on your beach walk, don't forget the seashells!

Save your $$ on this lampshade hack

This adorable Anthropologie inspired lampshade will make you smile