What can I do with my front porch for curb appeal?


It has a say your bushes and explain

q what can i do with my front porch for curb appeal

I need a curb appeal I need suggestions please help

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  • AJ Tisdale AJ Tisdale on Aug 25, 2018

    Personally I’d remove the bushes completely put some potted accent trees on each side of the window with a white bench in front of the window. I’d create a small flower bed that had size alternating plants that are ground level in the area the bushes were removed.

    I think small elephant ears and some small low lying flowers or cute ornamental grasses that don’t grow taller than 1 foot like lily turf would be cute.

    You can take white white paint or pre-made decals and create an ironwork pattern on the window.

    Id also consider getting someone to build railings. Then add a garden with bench in front of the rails. Depending on how much you want to get into monetarily and ease.

    The main thing would would be to get rid of the bushes. No matter how you try to prune them I personally think they’re going to be something that draws too much attention to them and blocks the details you can create on the house. Similar to a minimalist approach. Clean lines, don’t block the beautiful features like the porch and window. You don’t need many plants either to make it look stellar. Like adding a bed of either rock or mulch and 3-5 lily turf plants in front of the porch would be easy maintenance and quite lovely. You could even incorporate a solar light between the plants.

    Just a few suggestions. You have a lovely canvas to work with. I hope some of the ideas help.

    I'd love to have seen it as a whole. I’m curious what the other side looks like or a picture from the street.

  • Kathleen Marzullo Kathleen Marzullo on Aug 25, 2018

    First, I would create a pathway(walkway) to the stairs. Then take out those big bushes and replace with very low growing junipers in front of the porch. Add white railing on the porch with a little bistro table and 2 small chairs making it a cozy little area where you can have your morning coffee. Oh, and also put some of that same railing up on the left side of the door to the corner of the porch. A couple of colorful potted plants at the base of the stairs and a decorative light fixture will add a pop of color and interest

  • Paige Midgett Kester Paige Midgett Kester on Aug 25, 2018

    First thing, fix your gutter. Things like that stand out when people are seeing the house from the road. Plus water will spill down right onto your porch. Not what you want on your soon to be “getaway spot”! If bushes are going to stay, trim the two bushes at the steps. Cut them way back to make the porch more inviting and make the stairs more accessible. I would definitely take away the bush directly in front of window no matter what. Doing that will open up the porch to whatever you decide to do. Your porch looks as if it is about 4ft wide so there isn’t a lot of room for porch furniture unless you decided on a small cafe table and chairs. Which would be a great idea! Add some bright color, whether it be the color of the table and chairs or the chair cushions etc....make it fun. There are many options depending on your personality...if you don’t think you will actually be sitting on the porch, a simple pretty window box with multi-colored flowers spilling over would be gorgeous! Then add a colorful wreath on the door to repeat the colors in your flowerbox.

    Consider painting the porch a bright and cheery color. Just whatever you do, keep it simple, less is better. Too much can be become cluttered. Have fun! Wish I could come help! 😊

  • Beth Beth on Aug 25, 2018

    What a great space to work with! Like the others have said, I would remove the bushes in front of the porch first. That will make a huge difference. I did this in our last home with a porch similar to yours and couldn't believe the difference it made in curb appeal! Then, I'd pressure wash the porch, steps, and brick. I love the idea of then adding a small cafe table and chairs, or else a couple of Adirondack chairs. I would also paint your door. A front door in a fun pop of color adds so much curb appeal. You could then match your chair cushions, potted plant flowers, etc., to coordinate with the door color. Painting it black would also add a lot of style! Finally, I'd replace that light fixture. There are so many beautiful yet inexpensive exterior lighting options available! Best of luck- you have such a great home!

  • Sonya Satterfield Sonya Satterfield on Aug 25, 2018

    Wow that you all the gutters will be fixed next week I will consider takin out all the alzela bushes Painting the door putting a cute set on the porch after power washing and painting great ideas I will soon start finish it and put a picture out of what it look like afterwards thank you so much

  • Debbie Jo Blythe Sears Debbie Jo Blythe Sears on Dec 21, 2018

    Tear it all out , put a covered porch all the way across, then plant shrubs on each side

  • Rita Rita on Dec 21, 2018
    1. Repair gutter.
    2. Move the four bushes 6’ forward; shape them into small canopy tree shape.
    3. Pressure wash all brick and concrete.
    4. Paint brick an earth tone (Khaki, Taupe, Light Smoke Gray,etc.)
    5. Paint trim Light Beige.
    6. Paint storm door cranberry and add a frosted stenciled design to the glass.
    7. Paint front door using faux mahogany wood kit.
    8. Spray paint hardware and light fixture rubbed bronze or change to rubbed bronze.
    9. Purchase “Ring Doorbell”.
    10. Add two chairs and small round table under front window.
    11. Remove grass 6’ from porch. Place landscaping fabric on smooth, leveled area. Place riverrock or stone of your choice in this lower patio area.( Zero Tolerance Landscape).
    12. Place a bench, and small water feature ( birdbath, fountain).

  • Huntress Huntress on Dec 21, 2018

    I'd put a pallet fence behind the bushes, usually pallets r free, love it, along the porch to give you privacy and a view. Couple of chairs on the porch, small table. Maybe some solar lights. Potted plant etc, you can hang things like pots n art off the pallet fence. Look in thrift stores . Go for what you like. You can paint the pallet fence white or paint sunflowers or something on it.

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