Exactly How to Build A Swing in About an Hour

40 Minutes

I will show you how to build this swing through pictures and even give you a materials list so your child or grandchild can enjoy swinging in bare feet too!
It will grow with your child or grandchild as well - at the bottom you will notice a different swing and our grandson was younger - it's a great way to make something long-lasting!
The materials list includes:
2 – 1” Circle Screw Bolts
5 – 4x4x8 Posts
1 – 2x6x8 Board
4 – 9” x ½” Bolts
4 Washers
4 Nuts
6 to 8 – 4” Wood Screws
5/8” Auger Bit (preferable 7 1/2” long)
Of course you will need a drill, saw, and rubber mallet.
First, lay out your posts like this and then mark the posts so that when you drill the holes (the next step) with the auger bit, the holes will match up.
After the posts are drilled, slid the bolt through and secure it with a washer and nut. You will have to lay it down to do the other two posts the same way.
You will need 2 extra people for this: One person each to hold up the 2 posts bolted together on either side of the swing and 2 people to hoist the final post up inbetween the top "V" of the swing like the picture shows. Mark the post and drill a hole on each end with the auger bit.
Make sure it is level.....,then.....
You will need to work "Shems" inbetween the posts to make it more secure, then insert bolts on both ends and finish off with a washer and nut.
Place the crossbars on like this, measure and saw off the tips (see next picture) and using a regular sized drill bit, pre-drill then use a screw to secure.
After sawing off the tips, you will need to sand smooth so active hands don't get splinters!
Screw in the circular screw and put the swing on - we got this swing at a church yard sale that morning for $5. Now this is all the little one wants to do.........swing swing SWING!! It actually took 40 minutes and my husband had never made one before.
Kitchen Kelli

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Demosthene
    on Aug 10, 2018

    Hi, would'nt it be more secure with a longer horizontal boom with cross bars as external corners? The angles are right and this will prevent lateral foldibg.

    • Pollyann Printy
      on Nov 7, 2018

      I noticed carriage bolts securing all boards together at the top. This should prevent the A-frame from collapsing. (do you see the nuts on the bolts on the bottom of the beam).

  • Tina kline
    on Oct 15, 2018

    Where did you get the horse swing in the first picture?

  • Annamaria Tadlock
    on May 29, 2019

    How sturdy is this? I want to build a swinging seat to hold 2 adults and I am wondering if this is strong enough to support the weight.

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