Raised Dog Bowl

2 Materials
15 Minutes

Take a look at how I recycled a cardboard box into a rise for a dog bowl. It was super easy and a fun way to recycle! You can choose to decorate or cover yours in contact paper, or you can just leave it as is.
raised dog bowl
First step is to find the right box that will be the correct height for your fur baby.
raised dog bowl
Then trace the bottom of the bowl you'd like to fit in the stand on the box and cut out the circle. Then tape the box shut.
raised dog bowl
Double check (and trim to fit) that bowl sets down inside firmly. Dont want any accidents here!
raised dog bowl
Now all you have left to do is to decorate! (let the kids express themselves) You can cover the box with markers, beads, crayon or whatever you have on hand. I used some leftover black chalkboard contact paper, what fun things we can come up with!
raised dog bowl
Personalize it for your pet if you want to and viola a FREE raised food/water bowl! That's it! This also works great for traveling with pets. Hope you give it a try!

Suggested materials:

  • Dog food bowl, pencil, scissors (or exacto knife), tape  (recycle)
  • Contact paper, crayons, markers or any decorating ideas  (recycle)

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