How To: Stencil a Geometric Nursery Wall

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Hey there! We have an adorable project for you this week. Geometric walls are all the craze, especially when it comes to children’s bedrooms. And with an easy-to-use allover wall stencil, creating a geometric nursery wall is so simple. Let’s get stenciling!
The stencil used for this geometric nursery wall is the Little Diamonds Allover stencil. The paints used were Benjamin Moore Dove White, Black, and Silver Lake. Spray adhesive is optional and can help reduce paint seepage, but is not necessary. You can use a 4” dense foam roller or professional stencil brushes for this stencil project. Finally, blue painter’s tape is essential to create this geometric nursery wall. 
Use blue painter’s tape to create the outlines of your triangles. The shape, size, and number of triangles is completely up to you! We wanted a simple but elegant look, so we created three large triangles. Place the blue painter’s tape where you want the triangle to start. Then extend the tape to where you want the triangle to end and press the tape down. Pro Tip: you can burnish (rub down) the edge of the tape with a credit card for a crisper line.
Paint your first triangle in your desired color. Take your time around the edges of the tape so you don’t accidentally get paint in another section. 
Once your first triangle is completely dry, slowly unmask it. Move the tape to the inside of the triangle to mask it off. This is a very important step because if you don’t move the tape before painting the second triangle, there will be a white space in between the two. 
Repeat the same process for the second triangle. You can paint the third triangle a different color or keep it the base coat color! If you choose to paint the third triangle a different color, remember to realign the tape as well. 
Peel your tape to reveal crisp edges and three triangles. Pulling the tape off slowly and flat against itself will help to prevent lifting the base coat. Now it’s time for stenciling!
Place your stencil on your desired section of the wall. We chose to place the stencil on its side so that it fit inside the triangle better.
Stencil the pattern with either your 4” stencil roller or stencil brush! Remember to evenly load and offload your stencil roller or brush before stenciling. This allover stencil makes it easy to cover a large amount of space quickly. 
Peel back your stencil to reveal this cute pattern! Don’t the diamonds pop against the white background?
Peel back your stencil to reveal this cute pattern! Don’t the diamonds pop against the white background?
Align your stencil with the previously stenciled parts. This registration method works great every time!
Keep stenciling until you reach the top of your wall or the crown molding. 
Don’t be afraid to bend the stencil into your ceiling crease or crown molding for a completely finished look. Using a professional stencil brush for this makes completing the edge a breeze. 
Take a look at your adorable stenciled geometric nursery wall. Perfect for the little boy or girl in your life! 

Suggested materials:

  • Little Diamonds Allover Stencil
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove
  • Benjamin Moore Black
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