How to Make a Father's Day Tie Garland

Your dad is just as important as your mom. So Father’s Day shouldn't be treated any less. Surprise him the moment he walks into a room with a tie garland. It surely is tie-rific! Your dad will be bombarded with Father’s Day love! Use his favorite colors or patterns. You can use anything from wrapping paper to scrapbook paper or even newspaper! This is an easy and colorful craft that the whole family can work on together. When daddy isn’t looking that is.
Draw or trace a tie then cut it out. Use your first tie as a template to make all your ties the same size. You will need sixteen ties including the exclamation point! Use different pattern paper or alternate between his favorite colors!
If you are using wrapping paper, glue cardstock paper at the back to make it sturdy.
Then cut it out
Use a different color paper for your “Happy Father’s Day” message to stand out. Make sure they are big enough for an easy read but small enough to fit inside the tie. Paste the letters onto your ties.
Punch two holes at the top of each tie
Put a string through each tie to form your garland
Hang your garland somewhere your dad can see. Make sure you put it in a place he can’t miss!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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