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Think You Have a Snake Living in Your Garden?

How Does an Animal Control Service Deal with Snakes?
Not many people know this, but snakes can be beneficial creatures. However, most individuals have no desire to live with one near them. The best way to get rid of ones all depends upon where you reside, but eliminating places that attract them does help. Should you find a snake, call an animal control service immediately to remove it.
Prevention is important for city or suburb residences. People that have woodpiles or other quiet places in their yard need to move anything that would attract these creatures. Rural and city dwellers need to ensure they don’t have mice or rats, since predators will always follow the food source.
A homeowner that spots a snake on their property should never try to touch it or get close to it. Normally, a thin bright green snake in the U.S. is usually a just a harmless garter snake, however, some venomous and non-venomous ones look alike from a distance, and by the time someone gets close enough to determine this, they could be bitten.
read more here http://epmservicesne.com/think-you-have-a-snake-living-in-your-garden/
think you have a snake living in your garden, pest control
think you have a snake living in your garden, pest control
think you have a snake living in your garden, pest control

To see more: http://epmservicesne.com/think-you-have-a-snake-living-in-your-garden/

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  • Tabbitha Smith
    on Aug 25, 2015

    We had a copperhead that lived in a large raised flower bed for years. It never bothered us, so we never bothered it.

  • Sue Kiene
    on Sep 10, 2016

    Personally I hate snakes with a passion. Comes from a snake falling out of a tree right in front of me when I was about 8 years old. This summer we were unloading dirt off the back of our pickup in back of the shed and a big black snake startled me slithering across within a couple of feet from me. Within the last 2 weeks I have seen a couple of baby ones when I have been watering my flowers. As long as they behave themselves they can stay.....

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