How do I care for this plant and what is it?


When we moved into our new home this was in the ground in semi shade and looked dried out. A small purple flower bloomed on it, so I hoped it would improve, although I didn't know what it was. Just before I as going to take a picture, little Emma, the kitty from next door laid on it and killed the bloom. So, I have no reference for help on identification. I transplanted it into a pot. Looks healthier. So, can you tell me what it is and the best way to care for it, or is it beyond help. Thank you.

q how do i care for this plant and what is it
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  • It is a variety of succulent. I don't do apps on my phone, but they have some that you can take a photo and the app will find you matches.

    Water as needed and it will grow. Shield from frost or freeze. I have something similar and have no idea what the name is either. Pretty when it blooms though. Grows like a weed for me.

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    • Oh yes, the lovely grapevine! You should be here when they close it during rare inclement weather, people are dumbfounded on how to reroute themselves, always makes me laugh. I could make a fortune selling maps (even though most have built in navigation or external Garmins), but I help them for free. I am in the cheap seats across the road from the prison.

      This was a wide spot in the road when I moved here with a handful of people, now it is turning into a proper town. Darn, thought it would take longer - will have to move eventually.

      San Juan is stunning, lucky to live in such a beautiful place! One of my friends used to live there and I would visit often.

      She is going to spread and hang over. There is a similar variety that does stay upright, we will just have to see which way she wants to grow. 🌿

  • Ella Frierson Bond Ella Frierson Bond on Sep 01, 2018

    I don't what it is, except I think it is a succulent and needs light and no overwatering.

  • Melissia walker Melissia walker on Sep 01, 2018

    Not sure what it is but have good drainage good light not direct and very little water

  • John Jansen John Jansen on Sep 01, 2018

    there is one app you can try it,s called plant snap on your phone or tablet

  • Pamela Fisher Pamela Fisher on Nov 03, 2018

    It's in a small pot, just take it to your local nursery and ask them for advice. I do it all the time here in Tucson.

  • Susan Susan on Nov 03, 2018

    Excellent, I really hadn’t thought of that. Dah!

  • Karen Nichols Karen Nichols on Nov 03, 2018

    I think it's a succulent, of some kind. Looks to me like it'll recover nicely. Just don't overwater it?

  • Zeit Zeit on Jun 16, 2021

    It's a stapelia.

    Full sun, very little water 🏜️

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