Asked on Sep 2, 2018

How do I make over this wall in my kitchen?

ConnieRose BroadwayHeje


I am considering shelves, adding more cabinets, etc.

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  • Landsharkinnc
    on Sep 2, 2018

    remove anything attached to the wall - -- you can use shiplap, paint, wall paper, pennies/glue, bottle caps -- but anything you glue to the wall will be permanent ... like the pennies, or bottle cap treatment ...

    or put shelves on either side of the window if you need additional storage. If you don't use something everyday, put it away ... and even then some things can be stored on open shelving and not look 'cluttered' .

  • Johnavallance82
    on Sep 2, 2018

    Hi Dana, Matching or Contrast Cabinets would look great- maybe with Glass doors. Shelves would look great too, (cabinets without doors) or just shelves on nice brackets.

    Enjoy the journey!

  • Janet Dulin
    Janet Dulin
    on Sep 3, 2018

    Hi, I would paint the wall above the counter top area a pale gray and paint the cabinet below the counter top a slightly darker gray. The black counter top will be a great accent. I would then remove everything from the wall and put in a couple of cabinets in the light gray or white. I would also make a very simple valance to go over the sink (using greys and black). Then pick up the grey or white colors in one or two accessories that you would use on the cabinet top; a planter with herbs etc.

  • Mary
    on Sep 3, 2018

    I think you should consider how this area is used. Is it work space? Storage? A junk collector? What is your kitchen lacking space for? Maybe a coffee bar/beverage/snack center? I can see shelves (and/or mug rack) on either side of the window for storing things that look nice. I'd paint or lighten up the cabinet a color that complements what you have going on in the rest of the kitchen...maybe even white like the window trim. I'd love to get to work on that space, it could be a lot of fun and so useful! Have fun with it!

  • Janyche15
    on Sep 3, 2018

    Chunky wood open shelving on the left of the sink , stained to match the cabinets Light grey or white walls . Glass shelves in the window with small metal pots for herbs, they will screen the window and eliminate the need for blinds or a curtain Keep the metal organizer on the right, to match the herb pots. A Rustic farmhouse look that’s usefull and uncluttered.

  • Sally Alter
    Sally Alter
    on Sep 3, 2018

    I don't know if this is just a dark photograph, but the first thing that jumps out at me is darkness in a place that you probably spend a lot of time in. The counter top is really lovely, but again very dark. If it were my kitchen I would add a nice sunny yellow wall to brighten this space up. Since I painted my kitchen walls a pretty yellow it has really brightened my mood and I want to spend more time in there.

  • Bijous
    on Sep 3, 2018

    Hi Dana. It's a great space with lots of possibilities. Cabinets are so convenient if you need the additional storage. Open shelves are a less expensive way to go. I see you're looking at greys. Paint the cabinet below one of the colors you like. The wall needs a pop of color. I think tangerine would look great. Happy DIY'ing.

  • Rymea
    on Sep 3, 2018

    To lighten up the room, paint the lower cabinets white and add white uppers on both sides of the window. If there is room on the left side for a pantry add that too. If you are thinking about open shelves then think about what you will be storinge on them. I only like open shelves if the things you are storing on them are really beautiful things, like magazine beautiful.

  • Heje
    on Sep 6, 2018

    Open shelves and some lighter colors would really enhance the space. A coffee bar would be good here along with some treasures placed on the shelves. The valance on the window is lively and cute. Some of its colors would perk up the place. You are so lucky to have the extra cabinets.

  • Connie
    on Sep 6, 2018

    If you are on a budget, I'd say stencil it. De-clutter & stencil it.

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