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Add some curb appeal by starting with this bucket. These tips and tricks will make your front porch appear larger and welcome your guest with a smile.
Step 1: What you will need. Begin with collecting items to decorate your small porch. Planters, flowers, rug, doormat, accessories, wreath and anything else that you like at your front door. And pull out your cleaning supplies. Broom, glass cleaner, paper towels and such.
Step 2: Clean porch. Start by dusting off any cobwebs and dust. Next if needed wash the walls, ceiling, and door with soap and water. However, if it doesn't need a deep cleaning then pull out the glass cleaner and clean the glass. Let everything dry for a couple of hours and you're ready for the next step.
Step 3: Focal point. Now pull together some flowers into your main planter. Remember that pot in the beginning. Well, add some rock to the bottom then some soil and all your favorite plants. Flowers make a statement and a great focal point. For more details about planting a garden pot check out my video HERE.
Here is another trick. A planter that stands off the ground allows light under it and makes space seem larger.
Step 4: Add a rug or two. Don't be shy when it comes to your doormat. Layering rugs give the space more character and style. Place a lighter color under your doormat to add another trick to making the area seem larger.
Step 5: Filler items. Next, add some fun and beautiful filler items like this lantern and green plant. Here is another trick. If you are not a great gardener like me here is a place to add an artificial plant. Keep it small to keep that natural look.
Step 6: Add items to the walls and door. Don't just think about what is on the floor of your porch. Look at the walls and door. Again keep things simple and not heavy in appearance. Larger items are okay just keep them lighter in visual weight. This will allow the space to appear larger.

Now you are all finished. For more about planting container gardens or porch decor check out my website below. Happy Decorating!!

Suggested materials:

  • Plants, flowers, soil   (Garden center)
  • Planter, iron wall planter   (Amazon)
  • Rug   (Target)
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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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