Gallery Wall Ideas - Videos & Tutorials; Photos on Canvas, Wood & More

Get galley wall ideas and budgeting tips, videos on how to transfer photos to canvas and how to transfer photos on wood for inexpensive photo walls. I can't fit everything here so you might need to go to the blog to get details for how to arrange, display and what to use when putting up photos on your walls, over sofas and beds ...
A photo wall collage using canvas photo prints, family wall art, photos on wood and mixing it up with a whole lot of wall decor ideas, can create a stunning wall gallery.
Depending on your home or apartment, you can create a photo wall over your bed, in the entry, a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, stairwell, boring corner or even on a console, if you can’t bear holes in the wall.
The first place to start is by collecting photographs and artwork that you would like to group together. This might takes days or weeks to assemble.
Your next focus is to bring all your items together; so together they look like a unified piece of wall decor.
You can do this by using the same photo frame sizes, using the same photo frames, using the same color photo frames or printing your photos so they look similar; black and white, vintage, rustic etc.
Going over a bed or sofa.. these tips should help
1. your piece or pieces should be at least two-thirds of the length of your bed or sofa.
2. two or three pieces of art – so they work like one piece. They have the same color palette and are the same size.
3. make sure you have color balance – if you have blue in one corner, try to get some blue in the opposite corner for some balance.
4. use lots of different sizes of art; some vertical or horizontal and even tiny pieces up towards the ceiling, so you fill the entire wall.
More on the blog!
Black and white is the theme using two blocks of photos of different sizes. Its asymmetrical - the largest pieces off center.
This is photos on wood! Easy and inexpensive.
There are lots of photo wall galleries you can use - all in one color like this yellow theme, similar frames in one color or using a ledge to hang and lean your photos. Mix with other items, numbers, letters, clocks ..
This photo gallery wall uses art and other pieces from floor to ceiling - giving it the look of one large piece - even though each framed piece is different. Balance is the key.
Keys, wood and iron work are added to this wall over a console. Again, the total area covered by all these pieces make it look like one large piece of art without the cost.
This photo gallery wall is great over a bed head. Make sure it covers at least 2/3 of your bed head or sofa or it will look too small for the space.
Perfect for stairs is a range of small and large frames, in line with the stairs. It includes letters, invitations, framed keys and other important and fun family memories.
Perfect for hanging photos that never move!
Lots of warm wood frames, antlers, mirrors and lots of black and white photos cover this wall. It doesn't cost a lot but it looks great.
This gallery photo wall is floor to ceiling black and white photos and photo frames. Large letters, balls and other trinkets add interest and curios.
This is a great way of taking the focus off the television by building a gallery photo wall around it and adding road signs, clocks and numbers.

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  • Mic3987373
    on Jan 16, 2016

    Can you please give me the exact sizes of the pictures on the first wall gallery (the ones with no frames over the couch? Thanks!

    • Christine - Decorated Life
      on Jan 17, 2016

      @Michonbowen - unfortunately not, but ... here is a guide to help you to work out what your sizes should be.. 1. your piece or pieces should be at least two-thirds of the length of your bed, sofa or table. 2. use at least two or three pieces of art – so they work like one piece. They have the same color palette and are the same size.3. make sure you have color balance – if you have blue in one corner, try to get some blue in the opposite corner for some balance.4. use lots of different sizes; some vertical or horizontal and even tiny pieces up towards the ceiling, so you fill the entire wall. 5. This particular schema has 3 groups of 3 images and one large photo. Cut out in either craft or newspaper the sizes of each image; place on the wall to see if it works for that space.6. Order in that size. You can order groups of images from Shutterfly - here They also have sets like this one Or you can find them on Amazon too - like this or go the the blog to see how to make your own. There's a tutorial for making them on wood... Hope that helps a little.

  • Brittany Elam
    on Jan 21, 2016

    What are the different sz of the photo. I love this?!?!

  • Linda B
    on Feb 17, 2016

    I'm not sure where to post this so I hope you get it and will answer me. I bought an adult coloring book for a class at the resort where we are Winter Texans. None of them can answer my questions because they don't know how to decoupage. Is there a specific thickness or type of paper to use for coloring with colored pens, sharpie, and gel pens? Would regular typing paper work? I also need to know what kind of colored pens or pencils to use? I am new at this. I did hear that gel pens shouldn't be used because the wetness might smear when you put on the wet Mod Podge. Is that correct? I want to decoupage them onto pieces of wood that I buy at Walmart to hang on the wall. Hope someone has my answers soon. My next class is Feb. 23, 2016. Thank you in advance. Linda Bonar

    • Christine - Decorated Life
      on Feb 18, 2016

      @Linda B Not sure how to answer this Linda - but think this will work - first test this out yourself before your class; as long as the paper is dry and you add Mod Podge on top as a layer and don't excessively rub, it should be okay. I mostly use cut outs from cards and old magazines but what you are doing sounds great and should look fantastic.

    • Linda B
      on Feb 18, 2016

      @Christine - Decorated Life Thank you Christine! I will. Do you think you can use any type of paper?

    • Christine - Decorated Life
      on Feb 18, 2016

      @Linda B I would think so.. you are looking for a smooth finish on whatever you paste it on, so your paper pieces look like they are part of the item you apply them too, not stuck on, so the thinner the paper the smoother the result. Good Luck!

    • Caren Lyn
      on Sep 5, 2016

      color them in and have them scanned and printed

  • Debbie Langer Borato
    on Jul 28, 2016

    LOVE!!!!!!! that wood cabinet!!!!! Where did you find that?? I want one.

  • Richelle Diesslin
    on Oct 18, 2016

    Hi - I love the top wood picture pattern. At first I thought this was canvas. Can you tell me the sizes of the photos in the pattern of the black and white photos? Thank you

  • Courtney
    on Apr 23, 2017

    I was wondering if you could tell me the color of paint used in the 7th picture of this project
    • Mary Bores
      on Jun 22, 2018

      just found this, and was wondering the exact same thing, for that exact would think that if they are going to do articles they would at least tell you the colors so you can replicate it...

  • Vanesa Koss
    on Jul 10, 2017

    can you tell me the measurements of your first pictures of canvas?
  • Jessica Higgins
    on Aug 26, 2019

    can you tell me the sizes in the first photo

  • Lede Blanc-Waters
    on Feb 15, 2020

    I'm deaf. I ask question about that. What kind of printer for photo transfer photo on canvas??

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  • Kat
    on Sep 9, 2015

    Do you know the paint color of the gray wall with warm wooden frames, black and white photos, and the antique skis and snowshoes. I'm going to do a similar wall with frames/photos, and that wall color is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!

  • Sue Dorsett
    on Oct 20, 2015

    the rooms shown here are some of the most beautiful and well thought out I have ever seen. The room with the blue gray walls and ski equipment is perfection. Kudos to the decorator.

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