How do I decorate a bay window that already has white blinds?

HiI have a large bay window in my breakfast area that has individual white blinds in the windows. I want to decorate or use some type of valance but not cover up the majority of the blinds so we can view the patio and back yard. I do sew some but can't figure it out or how to hang anything.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)ThanksDeb

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  • Tere Tere on Sep 03, 2018

    You could hang your curtain rod, that you'll be hanging your valance on, higher than your window trim where you normally would hang the rod. Depending on the length of the valance, you could even hang the rod on the wall all the way up where it meets the ceiling, leaving the whole window area wide open. When attaching the curtain rod to the wall, remember to add a block of wood behind where you'll be nailing the curtain rod. The wood block only has to be as wide as your rods hardware but the depth is what matters. The depth of the wood block should at least match the depth of the windows existing wood trim, where you'd normally hang a rod from. You want to be sure your valance fabric falls freely OVER the top of your window's existing wood trim.

    • Deborah Lynch Deborah Lynch on Sep 04, 2018

      Thank You So Much.

      I love the idea of using the block to give it more depth and clearance. I would have never thought of that.

      This is my 1st time writing in and was expecting an email notifcation of comments. I just realized the little # above the bell was for comments to my post.

      Again Thank You


  • Jcraw Jcraw on Sep 03, 2018

    All good advice.

    Would it work better if you hung a rod from the ceiling? You could even use hanging planter hooks. And wire instead of rods.

    You could treat each window separately.

    Or just do long panels at the ends.

    • Deborah Lynch Deborah Lynch on Sep 04, 2018

      Hi and Thank You for your photos. My bay windows look about the same size.

      We just moved in and this is my 1st bay window to decorate. Ceilings above also has crown mouldings. I don't want to cover or close to it. I do want to cover each window separately or not lose the shape of the windows ????



  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Sep 03, 2018

    You need to buy or make Swing out hinged Curtain Rods.

    These are nice to have everywhere.

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    • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Sep 04, 2018

      Hinged Rods for Swing out drapes are always old fashioned, and you see these in almost any staple of film about the 1860s Southern Upperclass 2%, where Slave owners are 'nice people with a heart'. These hinged rods [also available for showers] create a much eased means to clean the windows by Swinging the entire out, also the wood frames around the windows [that many neglect and then wonder why the drapes are dirty in 2 weeks, rather than: oh each 4 months or so, these can wash in a washer and hang dry on a line]. Plus shaking dusts off the curtains before the Robovac handles that. With room darkening panel curtains, they do enable you to efficiently use electricity by:

      Summer: better keeping daylight out, and let the moon light in.

      Winter: better keeping daylight in, and privacy at night keeps in heat

      And understanding, Drapes were designed not in 1980, but instead before AD, less for beauty but moreso multipurpose: to keep out the draft in the winter, and to keep in the cool in the summer, with a more attractive design than a brick wall or shutters over the outside of the window.

      So basically: shutters on the inside that can be reasonably washed regularly, is what drapes initially filled the demand for. When you put drapes on a fixed curtain rod, rather than on hinged rods, you defeat 80% of the purposes of even having drapes, plus create much more hassle in the housework and hygeine.

      I am shocked you never heard of these, really. Very likely your great great grandmother had at least 4 pairs of these, one for each downstairs window.

      Granted, there are places you shouldn't put these, like near a stove, where a fixed rod has a purpose to prevent fire, but overdoing fixed rods doubles the work that involves in maintaining those drapes. In most cases with the Swing-outs, these have a removable rod, that: when you wash them you can wash the rod too by just take down the entire rod. Or when you hang em out on a clothesline for air, you leave the rod in the loops, and hang the rod with the drapes.

      Tis so much easier to pull sheen white curtains out of bathtub you bleached them in, to hang these on your shower curtain rod, than to ever bother with duties of fixed rods:

      A. Take down the rod.

      B. Take the curtains or drapes off the rod.

      C. Remove all the hooks from the curtains or drapes.

      D. Haul the curtain or drapes to the washer.

      E. Wipe down the rods and window while the wash is doing

      F. Line Dry and/or press the curtain or drapes

      G. Put the hooks back onto the curtains or drapes

      H. Put the curtain on the rod

      I. Put the Rod back on those mini-hangers

      Swing outs only have A, D, F and I as Duties on wash day, but also E occurs whenever you want to clean the windows by Swing the Curtains or drapes out of the way rather than: push these over each time these crawl across the darn rod while you're wiping.

      Swing outs cost more initially...but in the long term, especially for workers, they are worth every extra cent. Even at a crazy price of $5000 paid every 20 years, they would STILL be worth every cent and is because: you coulda, rather than spending 60 extra hours annually with phreaking idiotic fixed curtain rods, been earning 100 overtime wages annually at a job instead.

      Saving $20 per window to lose $30000 of wages plus enounter far more pulls in Sweaters and curtain stitchings each 20 years is not a deal. In fact, the manufacturer'd need to pay me to take these fixed metal curtain rods off their hands.

      Again, I am shocked you never heard of these.


      I see no selling points for Fixed Curtain Rods that used to fall down, bouncing on my head every time I cleaned windows.

      I swear these increased my Mom's desire to Die before age 80.

      And I didn't even begin to detail All known difficulties with fixed rod curtain rods...

      I just named the hygienic differences.

      Beyond hygienics, [and the creepy crawling Drape which finds it's way to get back in the way when you wash windows], These other problems include but are not limited to:

      A. Putting in an air conditioner is not easy to do with Drapes and Curtains in the way.

      B. Airing out the places without obstruction

      C. Buying extra air fresheners, candles, etc because you cannot do B

      D. You never see the whole beauty of the framed woodwork around the window

      E. Extra energy costs year round

      F. More firewood or fuel in any fireplace you have.

      G. Usually a need for a valance or an awning which consequently often obstructs the view of a moonlit night sky, and obstructs sunlight heat in the winter

      H. Decreased Point of view, opportuning theft and vandalism by the Blind Spot

      I. Complaints to the husband about all these and other difficulties

      J. Complaints from the husband minimally about A, and F

      K. A need for: matching tiebacks that are not permanently stitched into the curtains or drapes

      L. Higher cost [than Long Panel Curtains], whoo stylisg curtains packages and bundles that include: Valances and Tiebacks and Top Curtains and Bottom Curtains all become percieved as a 'Good Deal for the Price' even though: you got 6 times as much laundry for the price of 2, [really, six total long panels per window of any window group, to have a variety is enough laundry, even in a twenty window abode as mine, I do not buy twice as many curtains, but instead: buy multicolored tones and rotate the panels from one room to the next, through a 10 years cycle to change per each Trimester, the 30 panels I have will bring more than enough Variety].

      M. Of course all those extra Curtain Sets need a place to put them...there goes 6 grand converting a children's room into a Closet you only need for Curtains, but assuredly will fill up with Lots of Clutter you did not need atall, but: Did not want the closet to look so Empty

      Just to name a few of the problems that you do not have with hinged curtain rods.

      I stress: yes fixed curtain rods do cost less initially to buy, but the long term costs and nuisance involved in keeping curtains on these is not cheap, and sorta like buying an old Used Chevy, as is, for $38+Shipping and Handling on Ebay from an unknown seller, is a luxury rather than go to the Nearby trusted Dealership to get something reliable that costs nearly nothing to maintain over 12 years, so also fixed rod curtain rods too are a luxury.

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