How to Use Lemon Powder for Plants

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Anyone who reads Chemistry Cachet knows I love lemon for so many things. I use it for my health, skin, and also in the garden.

Lemon powder is a unique way to use leftover lemon peels for feeding your plants. In fact, it has multiple benefits, but it is really great for acid loving, flowering plants.

Here is how I do it!
how to use lemon powder for plants
Ingredients For Lemon Powder:

  • 6 lemons (or as many you want)

Directions ( watch the VIDEO here):

1. Score the lemons. Click blog link below for an example of this. This allows you to remove the peel easier. (You can also use a peeler to get really thin strips from the top layer, but I prefer to cut them like this to get all the rind  )

2. Next, slice the lemon rinds into thin strips.

3. Place on a dry baking sheet, evenly distributed.

4. Bake at 200 degrees for a 2-3 hours until all the moisture has been removed (they will be crispy for the most part). This is like using a dehydrator. If you have a dehydrator, feel free to use that!

5. Allow the peels to dry completely. They should be the texture of a potato chip! Add them to a spice grinder (this actually works best) or food processor and pulse until powder. If using this for plants, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can leave it like the photo above.

6. Store in airtight container.
how to use lemon powder for plants
how to use lemon powder for plants
How to Use on Plants:

  • 1 tsp lemon powder
  • 1 tsp epsom salt

Sprinkle the hole of a new plant with a teaspoon of lemon powder and 1 teaspoon of epsom salt, plant your plant, and water well. I also periodically sprinkle lemon powder on top of the soil. Increase this amount if planting a larger plant. Exact measurements not necessary! This amount is for a small potted plant.

Why Do I Use Lemon on Plants? Click here to read the breakdown.
how to use lemon powder for plants

Suggested materials:

  • Epsom salt  (store)
  • Lemons  (home)
Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

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