Asked on Sep 5, 2018

Do I need to bring my bird feeder in doors for the winter in NY?

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  • Harris S.
    Harris S.
    on Sep 5, 2018

    I live in Wis. and leave my feeder out all year. Some birds do not migrate and will use it all year around.

  • Kelly-n-Tony
    on Sep 5, 2018

    Since you've attracted the birds to your location you'd be doing them a favor by continuing to provide food for the ones that don't leave. They will also need access to unfrozen water.

  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on Sep 5, 2018

    You may have to clean it off when it snows, but if you have any birds that are in the area year round, they would appreciate having the food out for the winter. I have birds year round on mine. Hummingbird feeder, yes, bring them in for the winter.

  • We leave ours out all year round and make sure to feed them. It's such a treat to see them at that time of year.

  • Rebecca Taylor
    Rebecca Taylor
    on Sep 5, 2018

    Hello, I agree. I leave mine out all winter for the birds that stick around.

  • Mine are out year round, including humming bird feeders, but I am in southern CA. My friends in other areas feed year round too. They will also need access to fresh water.

  • Gk
    on Sep 5, 2018

    If you want to provide water in the winter for the birds you can buy a heated bird waterer. It can be attached to a deck railing that is close to an exterior outlet because it needs to be plugged in. You will have to clear some of the snow away during/after storms and ice when the temps reach into the 20-30 below range! The birds really appreciate the water when there's none to be found in the freezing winter weather.

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