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Buffalo Check Pumpkins

3 Materials
30 Minutes

I've challenged myself. I've challenged myself to use only what I have to craft for the rest of the year. So I was quite pleased to find a bit of buffalo check fabric in my stash! Enough to make 3, maybe 4 stuffed pumpkins! And they are easier than easy! I made 3 in 30 minutes!
buffalo check pumpkins
Trace a circle on the wrong side of your fabric. I used a dinner sized plate for 2 of mine, and a smaller plate for the third.
buffalo check pumpkins
Cut out the circle. Perfection and preciseness is totally unnecessary here!
buffalo check pumpkins
Using a running (basting) stitch, sew around the complete circle. This needs to be pulled taut, so use strong thread. I used doubled thread, doubled, giving me 4 strands. You don't want it to break when you are almost done. It's very aggravating. Trust me.
buffalo check pumpkins
Gather the knotted end and the end still attached to the needle and pull just enough to make a pocket. Stuff the pocket as full as you want, pulling the threads to keep it gathered.
buffalo check pumpkins
Pull the ends as tight as possible, and knot them at least 3 times. Snip the ends. The pumpkin can be shaped and plumped now.
buffalo check pumpkins
I used a cork for the stem, but there are so many different things to use. Cinnamon sticks, sticks, the possibilities are endless I wrapped some gold wire to make some tendrils and using hot glue, glued it to the top of my pumpkin.
buffalo check pumpkins
And that's it! Told you it was easy peasy!
I've made a few using different fabrics (and different methods) but I really am glad I found some buffalo check! Thanks for looking!

Suggested materials:

  • Fabric scraps  (Had on hand)
  • Stuffing  (Had on hand)
  • Corks  (Had on hand)

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