How do I fix my bird baths?


My bird baths keep growing mold or something no matter how often I clean them out. They are very porous, is there something I could paint them with???

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  • C C on Sep 07, 2018

    There is stuff you buy to put in the water of your bird bath to keep the Algiers and mold out. Does not harm the birds and you only use a couple of drops. I used to clean mine with tile-x, rinse really well and then refill with clean water and add the drops to keep it clean. I would have to do this about once a month. Good luck.

  • Leah Leah on Sep 07, 2018

    If you are talking about the green slime that grows in them, like a stagnant pond, you need to move the water. There is a device called a water wiggler. It is not expensive, and it is made for bird baths. There is also a spray sealer that stops leeks and waterproofs. It comes in whit and black. You mat have seen it advertised fixing a boat.

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    • Leah Leah on Sep 07, 2018

      I did some research on flex seal, some say it is toxic, others say no. One person said Krylon makes a non toxic one. Might be good to ask Lowes. Hope you find something. I have had all kinds of bird baths. The ceramic one was the best, but the deers kept knocking it over, so the top would not stay on. So much joy in watching them take a bath. Concrete freezes in winter and causes leaks. Roads last because they put rebar in them. Have a good day.

  • Susan Schlaepfer Susan Schlaepfer on Sep 07, 2018

    There is also a sealer you can use. Inquire at the paint store for either. It IS the nature of bird baths to do as you describe. Birds bathe in them and poop in them and the sun warms up the mixture.. You just have to accept some of the discoloration and growth of funny stuff. Power wash it off with your hose periodically as well.

  • Anne Anne on Sep 07, 2018

    You might try Kilz brand mold and mildew inhibiting paint.

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