5 Inspiring Fall Home Trends

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Home decor, like fashion- is always changing and evolving into what is the next big trend. And like in fashion, you should take what you like from what the pros say is trendy in home decor, and leave the rest. Your home should be a place you feel comfortable in, no matter what the experts say. But it's always fun to see what's new and trendy in interior design, so today I'm sharing my top 5 favorite 2018
5 inspiring fall home trends
1. Oversized Florals

This trend is so much fun!  These large floral prints are bringing a little whimsy and romance back into home decor.  You will see this trend popping up in wallpaper, bedding, accent chairs, curtains and pillows.  The trick to incorporating this trend into your space, is to keep it simple.  Let the large-scale floral wallpaper or bedding, etc. be the star of the room, and keep the other patterns to a minimum.  Try using natural textures and clean lines to accent the larger pattern.  This will help add visual interest to the room, without creating sensory overload.

5 inspiring fall home trends
5 inspiring fall home trends
2. Jet Black Accessories

Everyone who loves monochromatic decor schemes will love this fall trend.  It's all about the accessories with this one- and they need to be black.  But for those of you who are not a huge fan of black in your space, it doesn't have to heavy or dark.  This trend is more about creating a striking, and sophisticated contrast in your space.  Using blocks of black pieces in a room, mixed with tactile pieces and whites, help to create this monochrome lovers dream!

5 inspiring fall home trends
5 inspiring fall home trends
3. Artisan Folk 

With social media at an all time high, people are beginning to swing back to more concise, folk inspired handcrafted home wares.  You will see tufted rugs, decorative quilts and rattan lampshades being popular with this trend.  It's all about comfort and textures that feel good.  It also adds a bit of cozy brightness to a space, which will be welcome as the cold weather begins to roll in.

5 inspiring fall home trends
4. All the Pinks

This trend is popular from last fall, but it's not just blush anymore.  This fall you will see more dusty, old-fashioned pinks all over home decor.  It's a perfect trend as we head into fall, and fun change from the typical orange/rusty colors we usually see for autumn.  These dusty shades of pink are easy on the eyes and can be incorporated into almost any decor.  These tones add warmth and color to your space, and look great when paired with metallic, contemporary greys, and the new darker neutrals as well.

5 inspiring fall home trends
5 inspiring fall home trends
5. True Blue

Navy is going to be everywhere in the coming months.  It's a BIG trend this year!  Navy is a bold, yet comfortable color.  It adds a little moody drama to any space, which is perfect for the cooler autumn and winter months.  You can go bold by painting a wall in your space, or more subtle by adding a painted piece of furniture, pillow or rug in this moody hue.  Either way- Navy is a classic color that will be beautiful in your space for years to come...long after this trend is past ;)

5 inspiring fall home trends
5 inspiring fall home trends
So those are my top five favorites for this fall's home decor trends.  What do you think??  Will you be adding any of these trends to your home decor this fall?

Suggested materials:

  • Pillows
  • Paint

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