Should you bring your mum in if it drops to freezeing ?

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  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Sep 13, 2018

    In general, mums are hardy zones 5 through 9. The lowest minimum temperatures mums can survive are around 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit so they should be okay.

  • Rozmund Rozmund on Sep 13, 2018

    probably safer to do so...if it is smallish, or if large, spray with water to melt off the frost..the dew turns to frost..before the sun hits it..that is what kills plants, the rays of the sun on the frost ...I save many a tomato plant in September doing this..course, it means having to get up real early in the morning..

  • Could not resist answering this. I thought it was a joke, and my reply was " Yes if you love her"🤣🤣🤣 we can all learn something new on this board.

  • Mums are really outdoor perennials and honestly the sooner you get them in the ground the better chance they will root well and be able to survive winter months and come back another season. Once they die back you cut off the stems leaving about 1"; new will come again next spring. When 8" tall or so, trim back 2x's at least before Sept. for a more compact flowering.

  • Betty Betty on Sep 13, 2018

    Yes you can go on and plant the mum in the ground. .it will come back each year. .don't wait until the ground gets to hard. . It will be to hard to dig a hole. .

  • Linda R Linda R on Sep 14, 2018
    Yes. But, unless you have some hybrid variety, they're not perennials and won't usually grow back in spring. Although there have been cases where that has happened. Mine grew back two years in a row, so far. But they were unusually mild winters here in the northeast. Good luck!
  • Chaz Chaz on Sep 14, 2018

    I have grown these in Zone 6 South Eastern ,PA and still have them growing, The places you buy these will not state them as perennials for reasons?

    What I do is in the winter when they all turn brown I cut the bush down to about 3" above ground and cover them with leaves or what ever you wish to use and then in the spring check them for new growth then uncover them and when the start growing up to about 6 to 8 " I will trim all around the whole head of plant and then every 6"or less keep trimming all the way till about some time in July or near the end what this does is send out more branches and make a bigger plant and more flowers when it time for the flowering in September. I also make a multi color plant out of the cuts from different Mums.

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