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Abbie M
Abbie M
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How To Makeover a TV Tray

9 Materials
2 Days

I had these two old TV trays that were scratched up and used... instead of throwing them out, I decided to try something new.

how to makeover a tv tray
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 1:
First, lay down a plastic drop cloth to protect your surface. I rolled up the sides and taped it as well so it had raised edges so nothing would spill over.
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 2:
Next, grab some Liquitex flow aid and mix it with water. The bottle said to dilute it at a ratio of 1 part flow aid to 20 parts water.

how to makeover a tv tray
Step 3:
After that, grab your colors and mix with the diluted mixture. You're wanting the paint to thin out without being too watery - more like a glaze or syrup consistency. If your paint is too watery it won't cover as well, however, it will spread further. It all depends on personal preference how thick you want your paint to be.

I learned as I went with this and after pouring the paint it actually helped to have different thicknesses of paint - so they each spread at different rates. But this all depends on personal preference.
For the first tray I went with a cool color palette with a pop of silver.
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 4:
After the paint has been mixed. Clean your surface - I wiped mine with some dish soap & water.

Step 5:
Next, remove the top & place something underneath it so it's raised from your surface.

how to makeover a tv tray
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 6:
Following that - add a noodle strainer & begin pouring your paint.

how to makeover a tv tray
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 7:
After the paint has been poured, pick up the top and move it around to distribute the paint. To move around your paint you can also use a blow drier. Make sure the top has all been covered as even as possible - including the sides.
how to makeover a tv tray
how to makeover a tv tray
Step 8:
After you're happy with your ratio - allow your top to dry for at least 24 hours before sealing. Once it's dry, seal it with a polyacrylic - and add at least two coats.

how to makeover a tv tray
This is a great way to add a pop of color to your living room!
how to makeover a tv tray

For the second table I went with a more neutral color palette with a pop of a warm color and pop of gold. I decided later on to add a splash of dark blue and green as the colors began to blend. I noticed with this pour that red is very dominant.

Prep your table the same way as the first one - by cleaning it and removing the legs. Add to something that will raise it from the ground, add your strainer and begin pouring.

how to makeover a tv tray
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  • Ann Dougherty
    on Oct 1, 2018

    I have a patio set that I would love to redo this way. Could this be sealed well enough for use outdoors (to withstand the outdoor weather extremes of SW Missouri)?

    • Linda
      on Oct 4, 2018

      Interior/Exterior clear coat spay paint this works great.

  • Sas2915677
    on Oct 1, 2018

    It’s really cute but I am curious to the purpose of the strainer!

    • Shari Wilson
      on Oct 3, 2018

      check utube. better instructions. can use floretral or pouring medium. search under paint pour with colonder

  • Linda Cox
    on Oct 2, 2018

    Will decoart pouring medium work?

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  • Lin Collins
    on Oct 1, 2018

    People pay real money for paint spilled on a piece of cloth nailed to a board? I'm out of touch.

    More power to you!

    • Tamara Miller
      on Oct 1, 2018

      Yeah there’s a couple people (the ones who basically posted videos about this style first) are making bank off this style. It has a cool effect and a ton of different ways it can be done. I personally couldn’t do it cause all I can focus on is the “waste” of product! That’s more likely due to me trying to be cheap as possible LOL. I don’t/won’t bash anyone who can make money doing crafty stuff I just personally couldn’t do this myself.

  • AJ Jeannette
    on Oct 2, 2018

    I'll just let my grandson play with some paint and leave him unattended for 30 seconds. 😂

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