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One-Hour Blanket Ladder

I had a couple 2x4's kickin around the garage, so I decided to cut them up and make a blanket ladder with them. A blanket ladder is a fun and easy way to display or store blankets when your not bundled up in them. I made the ladder 54" tall with four 13" rungs attached to the middle. I turned the rungs a little bit so they were offset and using three inch screws, drove in four for each rung (two on each side). I gave the whole thing a good coat of chalk paint and wax and hung up my blankets!
The Finished Product! The blankets are each from IKEA.
I marked the side pieces evenly so I would know where to attach the rungs. I attached the rungs on one side, and then flipped it over and followed the marks and attached them to the other side.
I pilot drilled the holes so the wood wouldn't split and so I could easily screw in my rungs.
I drove in two screws on each side so the rungs wouldn't twist.
I used DecoArt chalk paint in Yesteryear and Clear Wax to finish the ladder. I also used a sander and scuffed it up a bit.
Then I hung my blankets and was done!

To see more: http://thecontractorchronicles.com/2014/06/16/easy-one-hour-blanket-ladder/

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