Which plants do slugs not bother with?

Hey there,

I know that lavender, sauge and verveine are not very "loved " by slugs. Do you know other plants like that? I live in the south of France. That means, hot and dry in summer, in winter a lot of rain, temperature normally not less than -4 C°. Very poor soil (sticky when it rains, hard like concrete when it is dry and a lot of stones)

In the area where I have my new built house there are a lot of those little white slugs sitting with thousends on everything.

I don't have the money to replace the soil with something better. I just covered every inch of my garden with a felt-like anti-weed tissue and that keeps a lot of the slugs out of my "little" garden. On top of those covers I will put some gravel but I also want some plants in the ground...not only in pots.

Thanks already

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