Conclusion- here's what worked for me!


I didn’t know how to post my resolution of my question about my ac unit in my condo . I struggled to find an answer. But I started basic troubleshooting, first changed batteries in thermostat, replaced AC filters, checked to be sure it wasn’t frozen then attempted to flush drainage tube wholla ... it was plugged! I flushed with white vinegar and water reconnected tube .., presto ac worked perfect. So before you call call an overpaid after hour service tech check out simple possibilities including your circuit breaker to be sure is isn’t tripped!!! And just saying... I am a senior female

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  • Excellent! A little detective work goes a long way. Be proud that you solved it yourself!

    • M M on Sep 16, 2018

      I was proud bc I’m sick of these tech overcharging me replacing parts that are not needed and coming three times before finding solution. I am sure they would have put parts in not needed. All day the ac was cranking out cold with no further problems!

  • Polly Fuller Polly Fuller on Sep 16, 2018

    good for you

  • Janice Janice on Sep 16, 2018

    Congratulations on your problem solving. Often times our problem just needs a simple fix. I've often used a Google search to ask a question for help in various ways and usually others have had a similar problem and you can learn from others rather than reinventing the wheel. Happy you were successful in locating and solving your a/c issue.

    • M M on Sep 16, 2018

      I am sure thankgul for this site. I oftentimes just need others input and suggestions. This is a website I tell all about!

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Sep 16, 2018

    We could use another problem solver like yourself to answer some of the questions here on Hometalk! I would bet you have solved many a problem in your past. Keep up the good work!