How to organize my garage?


It is so overwhelming. I look at nice neat garages and outs have half finished diy Pinterest items, then kids stuff, every can of paint we have ever used and my husbands project car, where do I begin?help, Missouri winters are cold and I have not parked there in years. The walls are bare Sheetrock from 25 years ago.

q organize my garage
q organize my garage
q organize my garage
q organize my garage
q organize my garage
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  • Pat Pat on Sep 19, 2018

    Purge, give away or have a garage sale. Then build shelves on the walls of your garage and put things on there....bicycle and things like that can be hung on hooks from the ceiling. Paint can be taken to the recycling place....keep a little in jars to touch up the paint you have but you don't need a whole can of it. I see an old TV.....check with your city recycling center.....Chairs can be hung or sold at a garage sale....Good luck. I have a basement that overwhelms me some times. If kids have outgrown their toys...sell them and give them the money...always a good incentive.

  • Dee Dee on Sep 19, 2018

    Get lots of shelving and put them around the edges of the garage. If you have rafters, Costco sells rafter shelving. You are going to have to take it all out before you can put it back in neatly. Huge Project. but worth it.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Sep 19, 2018

    Start by either Putting up some shelves or buying some Racking and start allocating a shelf for Paint a shelf for Toys. Make a workbench area and store your stuff on it and under it. Fix up some Racks on another wall to take the Bikes. Don't let it get you down - Make a Plan and go for it. Everyone will benefit............

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Sep 19, 2018

    Start by getting everything out!!!😂😂 Then make piles, 1. Throw away! 2 . Keep 3. Garage sale 4. Donate! Designate areas of garage for tools, sports, storage. Then decide what shelving you need,or can hang, other storage containers. Don’t be sentimental over stuff that you can replace IF YOU REALLY NEED IT “SOMEDAY” good luck.

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Sep 19, 2018

    Once a month we have a "big junk" collection in our city. You just put your stuff out at the curb and the city picks it up and hauls it away ( If it lasts on the curb before someone else picks it up). Several charities will also do pick-ups. You just have to be determined enough to start and see it through. I see a glimmer of hope because I can see some floor in one picture. For what you really need to keep, don't worry yet about where it should go, or building storage for it first. You have to be able to not only park in the garage, but get in and out of your car. If you really need that hanging chair, find a place for it in the house. Purging is hard, but other than things like power tools (expensive to replace) is there really much in there you can't live without? That is your challenge and I know you are up to it! You go girl!

  • Sherri Sherri on Sep 19, 2018

    Lorraine is right. If you can't take everything out at once, do one area of your garage at a time and sort into your piles. It can be over whelming so just do a bit at a time. Once you start, and you're making progress it will make you feel so good you'll want to do more! If you get tired of it, take a break and go back to it. It's not going any where.  Good luck, Pamela.

  • Cliff Browning Cliff Browning on Oct 16, 2018


    You can park the mustang at my house.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Oct 16, 2018

    Pamela, I agree with Pat. It's really important to cull the herd before trying to organize. You don't need to get rid of everything, but only keep the projects you look forward to doing and only keep the hobby items you love. It's OK to try a hobby and then decide it's not for you anymore. Gift it.

    If your garage is like mine was, it is full of un-made decisions. Allow yourself limited amounts of time (set a timer) to go in and sort through a small section. Then stop and reset. Do it again the next day, etc, until you can get through the whole garage.

    Here are two helpful questions that I used to do this: Is this item a favorite? And, Does this item add joy to my life or feel like a burden?

    Keep favorites and joy, discard burdens and items that bring little emotion.

    Organizing after this will come naturally.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Oct 16, 2018

    Shelves are one way to go, but your garage will still look messy because of all the clutter on open shelves. If you truly want your garage to look neat, put things in closed storage. We used plastic storage cabinets in our garage and love them. They are easy to assemble and because they are plastic they don’t rust. Here is a link to them. They come in different sizes.

    For items that are too large for shelves, put up pegboard. This will allow you to hang sports gear, tools, even bicycles. The pegboard lets you move items around as your needs change without putting lots of holes in your sheetrock. They make hooks for pegboard for just about anything you want to hang. But first, as others have said, get rid of what you don’t currently need.

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