Dreaming of Christmas

3 Materials
5 Hours

I used to wear a lot of pins and also
had some from my Mom and MIL and always knew i wanted to do something with them. Earlier this week i came across a remnant piece
of fabric from a New Year’s Eve dress I wore when I was 21. My mother made the dress for me and she passed away a few months ago at 101! It was time to create my vision of something that would preserve this.
My pin Christmas Tree
My pin Christmas Tree
I had a nice frame with a print I no longer used
stuck in a closet. I proceeded to take it apart. I then cut fabric to cover the print and matting. I flipped the print and matting and used spray adhesive and carefully covered with the
pink moiree habric.
Gluing the fabric on
Gluing the fabric on
I knew I wanted the large peacock pin to be on the top.
Big peacock
Big peacock
I then proceeded to lay all the pins to make a Christmas tree shape. I didn't sketch on the fabric but did it freehand. The real work begins as you must take off the backs of the pins, so pliers in hand, I began. Started the glue gun going and also had a tune of E6000 ready. I did burn my thumb at some point as a pin i was holding started to fall and I grabbed it on the glue side. Ouch! By the way the pins will heat up a little with the hot glue. For pieces that did not lay completely flat, i used both glues to make sure there would be a strong bond. Once i finished this tedious process, I glued pearls and other beads in empty spaces. I had a broken mecklace i used as a kind of tree skirt and an old resin pendant as the base!
dreaming of christmas
I’m pretty pleased with the outcome and the memories. This will definitely be a focal point on my mantle this coming Christmas.

Suggested materials:

  • Old pins  (Owned)
  • Picture frame  (Owned)
  • Fabric  (Owned)

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