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Today we’re showing you how to maximize kitchen storage. But first, a big thank you to everyone in the Hometalk community that supported our Amara Blog Award nomination as the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog! Birdz of a Feather has been shortlisted!!

Our Improved Forever Kitchen
With any kitchen reno, there are some ‘must haves’ if you plan to stay long term – but storage is a biggie! In our last post, our kitchen was renovated with the intent of putting our house on the market. After deciding to stay, and living with the kitchen for a while, we got to work changing a few things to make it more liveable for us.

Our improved ‘forever’ kitchen was accomplished with three key features: better storage (pullouts and pot drawers), electrical placement and lighting. Electrical placement and lighting will be covered in a future post.

Maximize Kitchen Storage with Pullouts and Pot Drawers
Standard cabinets with doors are fine for reselling a house, but are not great when you have a lot of stuff to store. Who wants to kneel down and dig around a cupboard that's so low to the ground? Not us! It's hard to reach items in the back and a nuisance to move all the things that are stacked on top of the one thing you really need! Pullout shelves not only help organize kitchen items behind closed doors, but put everything within reach!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Since we weren’t sure if we were going to like pullouts as much as the pot drawers we had in our pre-reno kitchen, we only purchased enough to do a test run on the set of cabinets beside the dishwasher (and for the pantry).

Here is one of the pullouts; they’re pretty shallow.
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Install Glides
We removed the shelves and installed these drawer glides.
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
The part circled below fits into a hole in the back of the pullout:
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Here’s a closeup of the back of the pullout where it connects:
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
To install the pullout, the glides get fully extended, then the back goes in first. The front of the glides then snap into the clips on the underside of the pullout (shown below):
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Ensure that the front is properly connected by trying to lift the front. If it stays put, you’re good to go! Then you can start loading things in.
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
The Verdict on Pullouts
After testing out the pullouts for a while, we decided that we weren’t fond of using them in the lower cabinets. Things kept getting knocked over because they were too shallow. We also didn’t like having to open things twice: the doors and then the pull-outs. We made the decision to replace the doors on the next set of lower cabinets with pot drawers instead, as you’ll see later.

Having said that, the one place we absolutely loved using pullouts was in the pantry.

The Pantry
Like the first set of lower cabinets, we switched out the shelves for pull-outs. To install them, you have to plan ahead. We first gathered what we wanted to store in the pantry so we’d would know exactly where to set the height of each pullout. We started by installing the one on the bottom and placing the items into it. We left adequate space above the tallest item and marked the approximate height of the next one.

Now, perhaps there's another way, but I developed a great little trick for installing the rest of the glides. For the next pullout, I inserted shelf pins closest to the height previously marked and temporarily reinstalled a stationary shelf. Since the shelf was level, I rested the glide hardware right on top of it while I marked the placement so we could drill (shown below). Easy peasy!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
We continued in the same fashion until we reached the uppermost pullout. The pullouts didn’t necessarily give us more storage space, but it sure was a convenience to be able to slide a shelf out to get to our canned goods and appliances at the very back! We would absolutely recommend pullouts for a pantry!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Pot Drawers
For the rest of the lower cabinets, we removed the doors and shelves. Then we installed two pot drawers in each section for a total of four new drawers.

With all the practice on the pullouts, the pot drawers were just as easy to install. They’re really just a deeper box with a drawer face on the front!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Coordinate the Hardware
We replaced the door knobs that were on the old doors with the matching cup handles that were already on the upper drawers. We debated about whether to centre the handles on the two new drawers, but ultimately decided to position them near the top.
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
The large, deep pot drawers we swapped out are just the ticket for storing pots and pans! Can you imagine what a mess this would be if we had to stack ALL OF THIS into a cupboard? To see what we stored in the rest of our pot drawers, head to our blog (link below this post). You'll also see how we organized a spice drawer!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
The Transformation
The next three photos will show the transition from before to during and finally after. Sadly, here’s how our kitchen looked before:
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Here is the kitchen as were were about to get started on the pot drawers:
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Overall, the upgraded kitchen is not only beautiful, but it’s super functional because of the addition of practical storage in the form of pullouts and pot drawers!
kitchen storage improvements do this at home
Even we didn’t expect the plot twist at the end of our last post – when we decided to stay after our kitchen was specifically renovated to put it on the market. The improvements we made helped solidify our decision to stay!

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Suggested materials:

  • Pullouts  (Kitchen supplier)
  • Pot drawers  (Kitchen supplier)
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  • CJ
    on Nov 3, 2018

    There is a funky smell in kitchen cabinets that my client bought a house? How do we get the smell out safety???

    • Susie
      on Nov 25, 2018

      Play way back in there you're going to have to crime in there and see what it is something left in there rotting can of something. other than that Pine-Sol is good to clean up all that kind of mess besides maybe you want to put those drawer liners in there too. Not sure people use them anymore

  • Pit
    on Nov 25, 2018

    I have one of those corner useless cabinets that is shaped in a L any suggestions to make it useful?

  • Pit
    on Nov 25, 2018

    Can you remove the center wooden piece between adjoining cabinets and it still be stable? I can not get a pull out drawer in mine because it makes it to narrow and opening.

    • Birdz of a Feather
      on Dec 17, 2018

      I did remove the centre wooden piece in a cabinet once. I'm not really sure about the stability aspect (my cabinet wasn't too wide), however I ended up with a space/gap in between the doors that the wooden piece was covering. I ended up gluing a very thin piece of wood on the back of one of the doors wide enough to cover the gap; I also painted the wood to match the door colour.

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  • Jody Chance
    on Oct 7, 2018

    I used the stainless wire-type because I had to have bottom mount and had the same issue with the shallowness. However, I had some basswood left over and attached them on 3 sides to make 6 inch walls.

  • Marva Gardner
    on Oct 28, 2018

    Great! I have a space between the two sinks in our Master Bath vanity that I've wanted to add these pot drawers with a front and dip to pull out. So, I'll post when completed. Thanks again for the inspiration & links!

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