How do I turn old bathroom into a pantry?


Old unused bathroom next to kitchen: I need more storage for pots and pans and kitchen essentials so that I can make counters in my kitchen. I have no counters right now.

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  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Sep 21, 2018

    Build shelving units around the room and a line of double sided down the window.

  • Lucky you! I would love a pantry myself. How come you have no counters?

    First step is to take all the fixtures out of the bathroom. Cap off water pipes and some work will be required to cover the toilet drain and sink faucet pipes.

    Paint the entire space and plan your design layout. I would paint white or a light color so you can find things at night. Luckily you will have a light fixture too, so that helps a lot.

    Install whatever shelves you choose and fill it up with your stuff.

    Here are some links to help you out.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 21, 2018

    How wonderful, Gail! Remove everything from the bathroom except the sink. It would be VERY helpful in a pantry. Toilet, remove the toilet pipes, too, or expect smells for eons. If you remove the sink, remove the drain and intake lines—bugs. And don’t just turn off the water, remove the hot, cold, and drain lines.

    Update or replace wiring. Two things you need in a pantry: light and shelves. Plan your shelving around the light, or the light around the shelves. If you need to save money, buy close-out or discount flooring and paint it a light color to reflect the light. Paint the new, better-insulated walls white, or glue on reflective paper on some shelves. If you install metal or plastic shelving with a frame, then they don’t have to match, because you can paint them any colors you want. Attach them to the walls, but they are moveable. Backs are not necessary. But if you buy bookcases with backs, just paint or paper the inside and the backs of each shelf for brightness.

    Have a bright but not-glaring light overhead and lines or strings of long-burning lights like LED because they not only last long and burn brightly for the money, they are safer to turn off and on than the old incandescent lights. And you don’t need any lamp shades!

    Get the shelving as high as you can. You can even set the shelving bottoms on sturdy cement blocks to give you gallon jug storage on the bottom on the floor. Then seldom used appliances and serving dishes can go on the tops, to be discarded after two seasons of non-use, even if your moms gave them to you. Use it or lose it!

    Use colored chalk or ink pen to stick cheap labels on each shelf and section—and don’t be afraid to replace them as you change your mind.. Anything holding more than a quart or 2# goes lower than your shoulders, anything weighing more than 1 pint or 1# goes lower than your head, even if you have a Rubbermaid stool.

    The sink can come in handy to wash can tops, and clean up spills. But I thought about big family and friends dinners, and smaller get-to-gethers. You have an extra prep center! Somebody can be washing and cutting veggies, or opening fizzy bottles, or stuffing eggs. If you don’t want a sink, be sure to disconnect both hot and cold lines. And the drain line. The water heater will continue to send hot water up and back, I think, costing extra money.

    And reuse your cabinets in the pantry or kitchen, if you choose. Extra storage is a commodity. And enjoy your wonderful pantry! ☺️

  • Donna Donna on Sep 22, 2018

    Thank you Jewell! Very good advice!

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