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The idea in my head seemed great, the reality not so much. This arrangement is too much, how can I improve it?? Be brutally honest!

q i need your opinion
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  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Sep 21, 2018

    What jumps out at me is that the largest pillow in the back is way too big and comes up too high so it almost covers some of the decor items on the wall. Just remove it. Speaking of the decor items, I would have spread them and not make them conform to the width of the bed so much because it makes the bed look even narrowers. Move them out to the sides a little more. I really like them though.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Sep 21, 2018

    Hi! When something comes out "too much", I remove it all, then, start adding them back in, a little at time. For example, the décor items need to be higher and spread out more, as Ana mentioned. Honestly, I would take the wreath down for now, maybe using it elsewhere, because it takes it over the top for me. I love blue and white, but, a pop of another color would actually highlight the lovely colors. Try using less of the decorative dishes (I always start with three of something). For example, pick your favorite three pieces and put them around the mirror (one at the top, and one at each side). Switch the solid blue pillow out for red, pink, or yellow to see how it looks. Add a pretty throw in the same color at the foot of the bed, and then pick the same color for a small object on the side table (even a book) because three really works for picking an accent color. Try fewer pillows, adding them in until you get the actual look you want (right now, I think the size and number overwhelms the size of the bed). There is no right or wrong with décor, just what makes you feel comfortable. Your concept is lovely, it just needs some tweaking!

  • JudyH JudyH on Sep 21, 2018

    Move the wreath to another wall and rearrange the plates so that the bottom most ones are several inches higher than the top the back pillow on the bed. Another idea would be to leave the wreath where it is and move the plate arrangement low on the wall directly behind the lamp on the side table.

  • JoAnn Leaphart Thomas JoAnn Leaphart Thomas on Sep 21, 2018

    Replace the busy part in the middle with a plain simple mirror.

  • You did great! Very pretty. I do agree with Ana and Cynthia, spread the decor above the bed a bit more. You have lots of space use it. All in all, even if you left as is, it is a very pretty room. I would be happy to be a guest there. As one of my girlfriends used to say: "totally tasteful." 🤗

  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Oct 09, 2018

    I would move the blue and white plates out to each side to fill up the whole wall and look less squished together. I love the vibe!

  • Jan Jan on Oct 13, 2018

    I think the mirror is too big with the dishes. Move either of those to a different wall. Love the combo, just not over the bed.

  • Replace wreath with an oval silver tray or two more large blue plates. Spread circled plates out slightly and upward if possible, using the largest at the bottom to ground the collection. ( I grimace at additional holes in the wall after so much time has been spent on it) Good luck!

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Oct 13, 2018

    Oh, yes that arrangement could do with a plain wall behind it to show off the beautiful bed spread. How about painting the wall the lovely blue of the dark cushion and maybe add a pale blue lampshade? You could use the plates and mirror elsewhere. It is not a good place for a mirror in any case.

  • AM AM on Oct 13, 2018

    Love the ideas expressed so far. This is very pretty and original and just needs tweeking a bit.

    I agree that the middle mirror is too busy and would replace it with something plainer. I would paint a rectangular piece of wood the same white as is in the bedspread, and put a white frame around it. Make it a little wider than the bed to expand the look, and then mount your display of plates within that frame and hang that securely on the wall above the bed. Kind of a rustic, country look. It just feels like the display needs to be more spread out and also have a defined background.

    Instead of a mirror in the middle, I would try to find a blue-and-white platter, something oblong and bigger than the other plates, and make it the centerpiece.

  • Daniel Daniel on Oct 13, 2018

    I Like it, reminds of my grandma's house

  • Bycjeanmaq Bycjeanmaq on Oct 14, 2018

    I agree with spreading out your wall decor. Gallery walls can be very beautiful. Part of the key is in the planning. Get it out of your head and on to paper. Trace or even copy the plates on paper and then use tape to arrange them on the wall to get the look you want.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 4 days ago

    Hello there,

    Just move the Plates out to the side in a straight line down each side.

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