Asked on Sep 24, 2018


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What is this plant and the care? Someone gave it to me.

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What is this plant and the care.

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  • Linda
    on Sep 24, 2018

    Look 👀 like a Lilly

    • Bon4379446
      on Sep 24, 2018

      Not a lily. It does look like it has a bulb. Maybe a tropical plant of some sort. I live in Virginia.

  • Susan Ellis Yamakawa
    on Sep 24, 2018

    Is it a Peace Lily

  • Kal21880830
    on Sep 24, 2018

    Peace Lily that badly needs a drink of water.

  • Jeanette
    on Sep 24, 2018

    Peace lily (prayer plant). Needs some bright light indoors and keep moist but not wet. Even if you let them get too dry, once watered, they will spring right back up in a few hours. Very forgiving plant. Mine do well on the floor beside my end tables in winter, even. They live on my north-facing front porch spring through early fall. No frosty weather, though.

  • Amy Weber
    on Sep 24, 2018

    Spathiphyllum-Peace Lily

    Give them evenly moist, well-drained soil and temperatures of at least 55 degrees. If peace lilies wilt every two to three days, repot them in larger containers, which don't need watering as often. Fertilize plants growing in bright light about every six weeks with a liquid 20-20-20 product.

  • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

    Easy care house plant that tolerates shade.

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