How do I begin to paint this?


How do you suggest that I scrape all of the old paint off in order to put on a new coat of paint to cover up those water spots mind you my house is 100 years old

q how do i begin to paint this
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  • Shellea Langford Shellea Langford on Sep 26, 2018

    There are so many variables here. If it was painted prior to the 1970's it is most likely lead based paint. The easiest way to try would be to mist with water, then scrape it. Here's a link to the EPA guidelines for lead based paint:

  • I don't know if I would recommend scraping. Is it textured what is there is scrap off? Maybe sand it if needed. I definitely second the answer before be careful about lead expose and make sure to wear personal protective equipment.I would make sure there is no mold as well. If so you will need to clean it really good with bleach then apply a mold killing primer like Zinsser and then paint it.

    • Brittany Bacon Brittany Bacon on Sep 26, 2018

      Don't sand it if it's lead it makes it airborne. Scraping is better. You can also do a drywall skim coat after scraping liose paint or a high build primer to try and get an even surface. I have done drywall skim coating its not difficult but you need 2 people. You basically water down drywall mud and roll it on wall with paint roller then have second person scrape off the excess mud to get a smooth wall. I love the finish.

  • Linda Adela De Hoyos Linda Adela De Hoyos on Sep 26, 2018

    You will need, goggles & paper face mask or a cotton scarf to protect your face. A metal putty knife, Kills stain blocker, flat ceiling paint, paint roller or brush, and a sheet of plastic to protect your floor. Begin by scraping off all the loose paint. Then using a Kill Stain Blocker, paint over all the stained spots and let dry. If you do not block out the water stains they will bleed through if you try to just paint over them. Finally paint your ceiling using a flat ceiling paint. Flat ceiling paint will hide any imperfections and the consistency of ceiling paint is easier to use than regular wall paint.

  • Christine Durkin Christine Durkin on Sep 26, 2018

    My contractor suggested a better fix. Put 1/4" drywall right over the top. That's what I'm doing, as I have a similar problem ceiling situation.

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Sep 26, 2018

    I agree with Christine. The drywall is the best solution. It can be a DIY project with help from friends, but might be worth the splurge of a professional. Good luck and please post a photo of your finished project.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Oct 09, 2018

    Add a new ceiling and cover the problem up!

  • Ple7159555 Ple7159555 on Oct 10, 2018

    I would cover the spots with Kiltz. I might have spelled it wrong but any paint place would know what I’m talking about. They may have suggestions too.

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 10, 2018

    As long as the ceiling plaster isn't loose and the water problem is resolved.... roll on a few coats of Zinseer 123 or Kilz primer and then paint it your color of choice.

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