How to Make a Mason Jar Mold (So Fun!)

4 Materials
3 Hours

Ever wish you had a way to make a mold of your favorite things? Say... a mason jar? I've combined 3 ingredient to make these one of a kind mold you can use for anything! Here's how to make them:

Please note - do NOT use this DIY to make molds used for food or items you will ingest.
First, combine water and dish soap. I used a 1:10 ratio, favoring dish soap.
Next, squeeze a tube of 100% silicone caulk into the bowl. I had to get every ounce of this out of the tube to be able to have enough for my mold.
Then mix together the silicone until it becomes less sticky. This took about 5 minutes. Be sure to wear a glove as this is NOT chemical free. If you choose to not use a glove, you may experience a chemical reaction on your skin.
Once your silicone is less sticky, grab a smaller container (that you are willing to part with) and transfer the silicone over. Be sure to get most of the water off before transferring it.
Grab your positive (the object you'd like to make your mold out of) and place it into the silicone, pushing down to get it stuck. Let this dry in a safe spot for a few hours until totally dry and solid.
When the mold is hardened, pull the positive from the mold. It may be suctioned so be careful not to pull to hard. Now, you're ready to start using it!
First. I decided to make wax melts. You can find a tutorial here on how to make them: 
They came out so cute and such a good gift!
I also made cute hand soaps!
And an amazing tie-dye crayon! The possibilities are seriously endless. Once the mold is made, you can use it over and over again. Not to mention, these are PERFECT for stocking stuffers. 

Suggested materials:

  • 100% silicone bathroom caulk
  • Dish soap
  • Mason jar
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  • Suzanne Brodie
    on Sep 30, 2018

    What size tube of silicon please

    • Kim
      on Oct 8, 2018

      It a normal size tube of tub/tile caulking, make sure you use the whole tube

  • Peggy O'Brien
    on Oct 8, 2018

    Can this at any point be used for molds of hands without any problems since it does say it contains chemicals?

    • Nancy Turner
      on Dec 23, 2018

      Silicone should be safe for the skin. If in doubt, get the big one of marine silicone, if it is safe for aquariums and the fish they contain (very sensitive to chemicals), it should be safe for the skin. Usually you use gloves with the silicone just because it can be sticky. If in doubt, you could always have the person wear exam type gloves when you make the impression.

  • Ric34221975
    on Oct 12, 2018

    How you make wax melts n hand soaps? Recipes for these please. Thank you

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  • Debra Y
    on Sep 29, 2018

    It's a mold for candles, soaps etc.

  • Bek
    on Sep 29, 2018

    Oh, this is going to be SO much fun! I have all sorts of small objects that I can use to make unusual molds!

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