Borders for driveways ?


How can I fill the sides of my driveway that use to be grass but with all the driving over it has become a very muddy area when it rains and just a big dry hole when not raining, I need something that can be driven over and yet still looks good for curb appeal

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Sep 28, 2018

    Have you considered just widening the drive?

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Sep 28, 2018

    change the angle of the drive way; add gravel to the edges with a block retaining curb, teach people to drive where they are supposed to drive!

  • Oliva Oliva on Sep 28, 2018

    Hi, Arletta,

    Dig down as needed for your "frost line", add 2B gravel, place pavers in the area. Add polymeric sand between pavers, using a large push broom. Compact with a vibrating compacter, adding more polymeric sand if needed. Slightly wet the area to compact the sand.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 04, 2018

    Arletta, we have the same problem on one side of our single car driveway. We dug down far enough to put pavers level with the driveway. So far they have not sunk but about an eighth of an inch over two full seasons of rain, snow and ice we get in Minnesota. We did not put gravel or anything down underneath as the soil was already well packed from car and truck tires. I hope this helps you. It takes some sweat equity, but really is helping.

    P.S. our driveway is a steep hill, not flat for the first half and was still easy to fit.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Oct 04, 2018

    Hello Arletta,

    I find this paver border attractive, Im not sure if it might meet your needs.

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