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6 Steps to Remove a Tree From Your Garden

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Nobody can deny that trees are incredible pieces of art that nature gives us to appreciate and enjoy its presence. However, sometimes it can happen that a tree gets sick due to an infestation not treated in time or that its height gets out of hand. In those cases, it is necessary to get rid of it to avoid bigger problems in the future. However, Tree Removal Toronto wants to accompany you in this process
6 steps to remove a tree from your garden
Have everything calculated

The first thing that needs to be done first of all and after having decided that the tree will be removed, is to plan several considerations.
You must be sure which direction you think it is convenient to fall to avoid crushing other objects due to a miscalculation.

That area of fall must be free of traffic of vehicles, people or some type of construction.

In addition, it is necessary to check the terrain of that area so that its surface does not present unevenness that can cause accidents.

The natural inclination

As you can imagine, removing a tree is a task that cannot be done without appealing to a previous organizational criterion or lacking the appropriate tools. Therefore, in addition to being aware of the previous step, it is necessary to take other variables into account.

Generally, trees have a tendency to lean toward the wind or in search of as much light as possible. The idea is that you clear this path so there are no obstacles.

Cut in v

The next procedure that is very important in this process, is to go up to the tip of the tree and tie two long ropes that must be anchored on the opposite side of the fall so that it allows you to manage the direction correctly.

Then, you must make an electric saw because it is time to make a V-shaped cut that will help weaken the strength of the tree.
The final cut

Next, it is necessary to make another cut, but this time it is back and will help to release the pressure of the previous cut. Be careful not to coincide the two cuts because you will cause the tree to fall to the opposite direction of which you have planned.

Once the tree begins to fall you must move quickly from the road to avoid accidents or injuries. Also, you must alert others to your procedure on time.

The trunk and roots

Each time we are closer to the end of this masterful task. When the tree has fallen we must devote ourselves to remove all the branches.
You should check how to get the trunk of the tree from its roots: there are different possibilities to carry out this procedure. Light a fire and let the trunk in the middle so that it is consumed with the help of a chemical.
The second option is to hire a company that is dedicated to drill the earth and extracts the roots completely.

The branches

Consider starting to take the branches of the fallen tree from the bottom to the top, always from the opposite side to the direction in which you are heading. In this way, you will remain protected because you are on the other side of the one that is cutting the electric saw.
It is recommended to cut the remains of the tree in two pieces of 60 cm each.
6 steps to remove a tree from your garden

Suggested materials:

  • Long ropes
  • A chemical

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