How do I remove fleas from my pets?


I would like to know if there are any natural option for killing fleas.

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  • garlic! You may be able to even get tabs from the vet

  • Pat Rios Pat Rios on Sep 29, 2018
    This website has a step by step process to get rid of them. Click on the link below and scroll down to "How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Dog"

  • Maureen thompson Maureen thompson on Sep 30, 2018 has bug off garlic granules and chewables they take 2-3 weeks to start working but they do work and you can feed them all year around they also keep ticks, mosquitoes and flies off them as well as the fleas. look them on line and see what you think.Lavender will also keep fleas off a dog they hate it.

  • J Neal J Neal on Sep 30, 2018

    I would be careful with garlic. It is toxic for dogs and cats. Fleas hate the smell of mint. Steep mint leaves in hot water to make a strong tea. After it has cooled, generously spritz it on your dog. It won't kill the fleas but it does repel them.

  • Oliva Oliva on Sep 30, 2018

    Fleas avoid pennyroyal, which can be grown in your yard and placed in dog's bedding.

    Older people swore by giving a dog Brewer's yeast tablets.

  • Anne Zellner Pettijohn Anne Zellner Pettijohn on Oct 04, 2018

    One additional measure is to dust your pets with diatomaceous earth (finely ground crustacean dirt). Kills hatched fleas and it is great for fleas in carpet also.

  • Charlene Goodson Stanley Charlene Goodson Stanley on Oct 07, 2018

    Thank you all so much for your suggestions, very helpful.

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