How do new windows save me money during the window?

How do new windows save me money during the winter as long as I am using insulated foam strips & plastic sealing covers to help keep the cold out?

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  • Well it depends on how old your windows are and what type. I have "builder grade" dual pane windows but the glazing has expired years ago and the argon between the glass long gone. Doors and windows are the number one loss of heating and cooling in homes. Since I could not afford to replace all the windows in my house at one time, I did my research well and chose a window company that I could work with. I am doing one side of my house per year. I am on year two, two more to go.

    Do your research, what they have now is amazing. If you put your hand on one of my old windows on a hot day, the glass is burning hot to the touch - and all that heat radiates into the home. On my new windows, cool as a spring breeze and no heat transfer.

    It can save hundreds if not thousands on heating and cooling costs over the years.

    Also a few years back when I had my roof replaced, I also replaced the attic insulation and brought it up to current code and installed attic fans. That alone started saving money for me.

    Also note I live in Zone 9 where it is hot most of the year, 100+ days of temperatures of 100°+. As of this writing, October 1, it is 6 p.m. and still 90° with my ac running and thermostat set at 78, not 72 which I would prefer. By the time all the windows are replaced I might be able to keep the house cooler in summer . . . Here is hoping! Oh and I had a new hvac system installed too, so I am not running rickety old equipment that is not energy efficient.

  • Jane Rausch Jane Rausch on Oct 01, 2018

    Thanks for answering so quickly! Does the window company work with you so you are assured that they still have the same styles & manufacturing methods as your first to last year?

    • Therein lies the catch. Frankly I could care less if they "match" or not. Exactly why I am doing one side of the house at a time. I chose a very plain generic style (my mid 80's cracker box dump in the desert has no style or architectural details), that will not vary much from year to year. Only someone with an eye for detail will catch it. There was a slight difference from last year to this year, but unless you look closely, not noticeable. I am a cash and carry gal, it I can't pay cash I don't buy. If you can get a deal (the sales guys have a decent amount of leeway), by doing the entire house at once - go for it. I am not the "norm" and extremely frugal.

  • Jane Rausch Jane Rausch on Oct 02, 2018

    Thankfully, we are retired BUT we have managed our finances to where we no longer have debts except our mortgage which is very affordable in this age! We don't like to buy items that we cannot afford but we do take advantage of 0% interest. We bought our new washer/dryer before Trumps forced import taxes went into effect as our old ones were showing their age (17+ years, only one service call in all that time!) So to say we are frugal is to say the least!! Thank you for your advice about the windows "7 I think you have convinced me that a generic look will suffice. Jane

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