What to do with mums in the winter?


I'm new to homeowning and trying to make a cute autumn home but am curious about Mums. Do they over-winter and bloom in the following fall again? Or are they just a one and done flower?



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  • Judy B. Judy B. on Oct 02, 2018

    Mums will bloom again the following fall. Just don't plant them where they will set in water for long periods of time. I planted some that looked dead last fall and they are beautiful now.

  • Linda Linda on Oct 02, 2018

    Mom's I don't believe a perennial which means they don't come up every year Sometimes some people have had them come up but treat them as annual

  • Stel Hayter Jowell Stel Hayter Jowell on Oct 02, 2018

    They are a perennial plant. That for sure I know. I have personally never been able to make them bloom again. So I too would be untying knowing this part. I am in Texas.

  • Kayla Marie Middlemist Kayla Marie Middlemist on Oct 02, 2018

    I live in Oklahoma and my mums bloomed again this year!! I didn't do anything to them either! They died over winter, but greened back up come spring. I have 2 plants that are beautiful and full of blooms getting ready to open!!

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Oct 02, 2018

    There are different breads so ask your garden center for the kind that will come back year after year.

  • Pat hayes Pat hayes on Oct 02, 2018

    look for HARDY mums...they have the best chance of coming back each yr.

  • Rymea Rymea on Oct 02, 2018

    We live on the border of zone 6 & 5. i always buy mums that claim to be hardy and once in a while one will survive the winter but they are not reliably hardy further north than zone 6. A thick mulch like shredded leaves might help.