How can I make a vampire costume for 3 yr old girl?


She wants to be a "beautiful vampire". Money is exceptionally tight and I'm not even sure where to begin.

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  • Put her in a black leotard or leggings, black top and get a vampire cape from the dollar store. Do her face up super pretty with your make up with red or bright pink lipstick. I would also go so far as to put a sparkley dollar store princess tiara on her too. Paint her fingernails a sparkly red. Ask friends, family or neighbors for any bits they may have that would be helpful. If you have time, do a test run on the makeup so you can fine tune it before the big day.

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 04, 2018

    When I think of beautiful vampires, I think of Kristen Dundst in the movie Interview with a Vampire.... beautiful period dresses, hair in ringlets, and of course the teeth....

    You could hunt down some cool second hand dresses, if her hair is long put it in ringlets, then get some artifical vampire teeth.

    • Deb34045300 Deb34045300 on Oct 07, 2018

      That is an awesome idea! Thank you so much! I will hit the resale shops tomorrow and see what I can find

  • Stephanie Willis Stephanie Willis on Oct 05, 2018

    Thrift store to find a cheap dress and leotards. Great face make up and a tiara.

  • Joan Joan on Oct 05, 2018

    COST: $0.

    (1) Keep it simple and comfortable. As you may already know, children that age tend to get impatient with elaborate costumes and start ripping them off quickly (i.e., capes, hoods, etc.). There are a lot of things that you could do that involve money and work, only to find out that she won't wear it. Use what you already have or can borrow.

    (2) Use her her favorite or dressiest dress and a lot of bling. What do you have around the house that she can use for bling? Is there something in your Christmas decorations that can be used to add glitz? BTW: Does she have a doll that she is willing to carry with her that you can make up like a vampire doll with bloody lips or a victim with tooth marks on the neck? This would up the "creep factor."

    (3) Give her a great makeup job, and paint her fingernails dark red or black. This is what will carry the story. A beautiful three-year-old with vampire makeup will always look really creepy! I don't see vampire teeth as an option for a three-year-old, but bright red lipstick with lipstick "blood drops" from the edge of her mouth down to her chin should do the trick. This will look good even if it smears (as it most certainly will). Use a small makeup brush for this "artwork." Lots of "blush" creating a look of caved-in cheeks would be useful, as will smoky eyes that look caved in or deep. If you have gray or black shadow, this would work great to contour the cheeks. If you have access to the internet, check out tutorials on "vampire makeup."

    (4) Keep her involved by getting her to make as many decisions as possible (what dress, how much jewelry, etc.) and involved in any "crafts" you may choose (i.e., making "bling). Let her have the freedom to express what she thinks is beautiful or is her idea of a "vampire." Encourage her to give you ideas. It is a costume, and HER costume, after all!

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Oct 07, 2018

    Deb, here's a fun video that might help you.