Recycled Newspaper Bowl With Lid DIY

Are you a fan of handicrafts, recycling or green living? I was browsing the Wayfair site and came across a handcrafted newspaper bowl priced at eighty dollars. How outrageous when the materials used to make this is virtually free. As a crafter I always try to say, "don't buy, just make!" Here's how:
Divide newspaper into three strips per page. Place skewer at a right angle on corner and start rolling until just before reaching the opposite corner. Place a dab of glue and roll to the end. A paper rod is formed! You'll need lots of rods to make a bowl and lid depending on the size. I initially made fifty! Relax, turn on so music and ROLL!
Coil your rods very tightly making sure there's no hole in the center. Firmly wrap the rod into a coil, pulling it slightly and gently until you reach the end. Additional rods can be added by putting a bit of glue on one end and inserting another rod. Continue coiling and adding rods until you reach the size you want for a bowl.
Don't worry if you pull a rod apart. Just glue it back together. Don't glue anywhere else on the coil. You want your bowl to move freely when shaping.
Coat coil with glue all over and while wet start shaping the bowl by gently pushing the center and moving slowly around being careful not to push too bard. It will come apart! Check the layers to make sure they are even and the bowl sits level on a table.
Add another coat of glue and allow to dry. Make a lid the same way, only smaller, adding a knob (rolled short rod) in the center. Completed bowl and lid should be varnished. You can also paint with your choice of colors.
Knowing how to make these bowls and lids out of newspaper is a wonderful way to recycle. Try making your own version, the possibilities are unlimited!

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