How much do you pay for Avocados?


Just curious as I received this in one of my feeds this morning:

Frozen avocado chunks. Once defrosted they would be really mushy?

Sounds gross to me, but I am lucky to live in Zone 9 where avocados are grown, so I can get them year round. This weekend one of the local regional markets had 3 avocados for $1. Granted they were small, but still worth the price. Depending on the variety and size, I typically pay a $1 or less per avocado.

$5 for a 10 ounce bag sounds expensive to me, but there is no waste. I eat a couple avocados a week on average. (More this week as I picked up a bunch on sale.) What do those of you pay for avocados in northern climates where they are not easily grown?

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