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Handmade Halloween - Buffalo Check Pumpkins

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This Halloween I have been on the hunt for the elusive Buffalo Check Pumpkins. I know they exist because I have seen them all over Instagram but I haven't been able to find many where I live. One morning I spent 3 hours going from store to store just to try to find one or two. Most stores didn't have any and the one store that did have one... it was a tiny overpriced pumpkin. I just chalked it up to not having any this year. I had picked up to Dollar Tree pumpkins earlier in the season and they have been sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. Then one morning in Michaels, I spotted a buffalo check bandana and an idea began to hatch. I thought about the 2 Dollar Tree pumpkins and this handkerchief cut into strips and that is the story of how this tutorial came to be.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
This is why it pays to wander the aisles at Michaels. Who knew? Buffalo Check bandanas and that red one is pretty cute too. I might have to go back and get that if I can find some more pumpkins.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
I used two Dollar Tree Pumpkins, Duck Brand Carpet Tape (super sticky strong double sided tape that is usually near duct tape in hardware section.) scissors and 1 bandana from Michaels. I also used some paint, hot glue and jute twine that are not shown here.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
I removed the stem. It was super easy... just held in place with a toothpick.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
Next I unrolled lengths of carpet tape onto the bandana leaving space between each section to cut with a scissors. At first, I was making small lengths the size of the pumpkin but working with long sections and cutting to fit was much easier.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
I would then peel off the backing to reveal the second sticky side of the tape. Start at the top and work to the underside of the pumpkin. Also, I decided to paint my second pumpkin white first because the orange showed through. I alternated sections and then came back around and filled in missing sections.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
I spray painted the first stem black and that was a fail. With great sadness, I watched it disintegrate before my eyes. The second one, I painted with black craft paint and sprinkled with glitter while it was still wet.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
All done! Pretty cute. This one was painted white before covering with the fabric strips.
handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins
The first pumpkin is on the left. See how the orange shows through. The pumpkin on the right was painted white first. (The coverage didn't seem good but in the end it doesn't show through.) I might take the twine stem off and replace it with a tree branch "stem". Such an easy project and now I have two buffalo check pumpkins. The pumpkins were $2, the bandana was about $1.20 after my coupon and I had the carpet tape. So, all in all, very budget friendly. The burlap sack jack o lantern is a no-sew project that I will be posting soon!
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Suggested materials:

  • Buffalo check bandana  (Michaels)
  • Pumpkin  (Dollar Tree)
  • Carpet Tape  (Had it)
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